FileCloud Recognized as Leader in Latest G2 Report

G2 is one of the most trusted review sites for software and services, and we’ve always been proud of our high rating there. G2 recently published their 2022 Winter Report, which is based on reviews from users and customers.

FileCloud earned several new badges across two categories: Enterprise Content Management and Cloud Content Collaboration!

In a world where ease-of-use and cost are two of the biggest problems enterprises face, we’re thrilled to win these G2 badges directly from our customer reviews.

G2 Winter Rep Video
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Air-Gapped Networks in FileCloud

An air-gapped network is a security measure that isolates and limits computer systems from accessing other networks, including unsecured networks such as public internet or local area networks. Air-gapped networks are used for systems that require high security to limit breaches and data leakage.

In our recent blog post, we cover air-gapped networks in more detail to help you determine if you need one. We also discuss how FileCloud can be used as part of an air-gapped solution, so you can achieve greater security along with FileCloud’s powerful access and collaboration features.

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Secure Your Data with FileCloud’s Data Leak Prevention

Did you know that the cost of cybercrime will be in the trillions of dollars in just two years?

Cloud technology, remote work, and increasingly sophisticated phishing and malware strategies have emphasized the drastic connection between data leaks, data breaches, and cybercrime.

With this trend on the rise, you might think data leaks are inevitable and data breaches just another part of doing business.

With FileCloud, they don’t have to be. DLP (or data leak prevention) is all about stopping data leaks before they happen. In our recent blog we examine what DLP actually is and how you can use it to prevent data leaks — while still leveraging the power of cloud technology.

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Tip of the Month

Streamline compliance requirements and secure sensitive data by creating separate FileCloud sites. Check out our one-pager to learn how!

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