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Data Governance in FileCloud

In an age of constant technological advancement, there are few things more important than your — and your organization’s — data. One misstep, and you could be facing leaks, breaches and millions in compliance fines. That’s why we aim to ensure your venture into data governance is quick, easy and painless. Here’s how you can ensure that your data is consistent, trustworthy and doesn’t get misused while keeping it safe:

  • Smart Classification (CCE)
    Our smart Content Classification Engine automatically sorts your content into logical categories within minutes. Learn more about CCE here.

  • Smart DLP (Data Leak Prevention)
    Smart Data Leak Prevention (DLP) provides 360° data protection by bringing data leak prevention capabilities closer to the content and users. Our simple, flexible, rule-driven Smart DLP system prevents accidental data leaks from end-users and can save enterprises from huge compliance fines. Learn more about Smart DLP here.

  • Retention Policies
    Create Retention Policies to automate the process of protecting your files and folder groups. Enhance your team’s management of digital content, and secure your data against trade issues, copyright infringement, lawsuits and consumer complaints. Watch our tutorial video on Retention Policies here.

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Tip of the Month

The DLP violation report now shows the names of violated files as well as their metadata and attributes.

Learn How to Get Statistics About DLP Violations →


FileCloud End User Training

Encourage your FileCloud end users to attend our free user training sessions to get maximum value from your FileCloud solution.

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Upcoming Webinars

Check out other available sessions on our website. We’ll send a recording to everyone who registers in case you’re unable to attend the live broadcast. We look forward to having you in one of our sessions soon!

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Latest Public Channels Improvement: Updated Permissions

AirSend’s Public Channels let you create your own public space to chat, share files, and post information so that you can start an online group around your business, brand, neighborhood, or interests.

You can now set permissions for members of your Public Channels to five different channel access levels for easier management of your public groups.

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