FileCloud Newsletter June 2022

Business Workflows

Enterprises already rely on workflows to carry out standard or repetitive business operations. With FileCloud, you can use workflow automation to improve efficiency, reduce human error, and save money.

Discover all the different processes you can automate with FileCloud’s no-code, drag-and-drop tool. As a user feature, workflow automation enables everyone from team leaders to business managers to project stakeholders to create custom workflows, share with teams, and refine processes.

Workflow automation is a flexible tool, suitable for highly-regulated industries, including construction, utilities, information technology, education, government, healthcare, financial services, hospitality, and life sciences.
Workflow Automation
Here are just a few workflows you can automate with FileCloud:

  • Employee Onboarding/Training
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Document/Content Review
  • Vacation/Time-Off
  • Budget Approval
  • Expense and Travel Reports
  • Logistics and Product Development Coordination

“Workflow Automation is a part of FileCloud’s system, not an additional system that users have to learn and buy. It was created with business workflows in mind, to make your work easier.”

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Case Study – Croatian National Bank

The Croatian National Bank is the central bank for the Republic of Croatia. Operating within the highly-regulated industry of Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI), this bank had a need for fine-tuned customization options, hyper-security, data governance, and top-notch file-sharing tools.

Governance Dashboard
Learn how FileCloud met these needs with our feature-rich platform and powerful security options.

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Tip of the Month

Admins can create their own DLP rules manually using IF/THEN statements, or they can use the rule expression builder. Leverage FileCloud’s powerful DLP feature to help secure your data.

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