Managing Federal Compliance Regulations with FileCloud Governance

FileCloud’s hyper-secure file-sharing and sync solution is used by government agencies globally to achieve compliance with data residency, cybersecurity, and other regulatory requirements.

In the U.S., FileCloud can be used on AWS GovCloud or Azure Government for ready-made compliance with ITAR, FedRAMP, and various other federal regulatory standards.

With FIPS-certified encryption, FileCloud adheres to vital federal cybersecurity specifications. Non-profit government partners and private government contractors can seamlessly fulfill compliance obligations, while also collaborating on files from any device, at any time.

Read our white paper on Data Governance with FileCloud for a deep dive into how FileCloud helps enterprises to navigate today’s complex, yet often stringent, governance requirements.

FileCloud’s comprehensive set of data governance features remove much of the manual work associated with adhering to rigorous requirements. Read more about FileCloud for federal agencies below.

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Optimize Your Content Life Cycles Securely with FileCloud

With the data storage landscape becoming increasingly complex, taking proper measures to establish secure data governance has never been more important. FileCloud has a suite of governance features to optimize your content life cycle, including flexible retention and archival scheduling.

Our Compliance Center is fine-tuned to help companies adhere to increasingly exacting regulations, such as HIPAA, GDPR, and ITAR. Our features also allow for compliance with various other regulations, including FINRA.

FileCloud Governance allows you to optimize the life cycles of large volumes of content, eliminating the need for heavy coding.

  • With FileCloud’s multiple policy types, you can automate legal hold, archiving, and retention of deleted files. You can also manage users and groups with ease.

  • Our rule-driven Smart DLP feature prevents data leaks, saving enterprises from having to pay hefty fines.

  • Our Smart Classification engine sorts your content automatically into logical categories. You can create custom search patterns and metadata sets for your content.

  • FileCloud’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) protects your sensitive business documents from theft and leaks with AES-certified 256-bit encryption at all times. Revoke a user’s access to a document at any time to protect your intellectual property from theft and unauthorized dissemination.

These and other security features combine to provide powerful protection against steep fines for non-compliance with regulations and the reputational damage that can sometimes ensue when data leaks occur.

Whether your content consists of text-based documents, CAD files, emails, recordings, images, or videos, FileCloud’s life cycle management can make your life easier by removing much of the manual work involved securing your organization’s content assets.

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Tip of the Month

Old network security paradigms are increasingly redundant with the advent of cloud-based storage and remote work. To deal with this scenario, cybersecurity professionals are instead using Zero Trust as a framework to design enterprise security postures.

For an analysis of the 7 pillars of Zero Trust, as well as the FileCloud features that can help to address them, read our white paper on the subject.

Download the Zero Trust White Paper!  


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