Zero Trust File Sharing Webinar

As enterprise resources become less confined to the network perimeter due to remote work and cloud-based data, Zero Trust architecture has become the most talked about security posture for 2023. This means the focus has shifted to protecting enterprise resources through ongoing risk analysis.

FileCloud already contains many security features that align with Zero Trust principles. However, the addition of Zero Trust File Sharing is unique among Content Collaboration Platforms. It provides a way to encrypt files that ensures users have complete control over their confidential business data.

In our March 21 webinar, FileCloud Solutions Architect, Marek Frueauff, will explain the context of Zero Trust, before describing how FileCloud users can now easily enact Zero Trust File Sharing. This adds an extra layer of hyper-security to their confidential files. Sign up for the free webinar below!

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FileCloud and Autodesk Collaboration

Collaborating with external parties using CAD software can be challenging. Despite this, the use of AutoCAD has become a staple of many professions, including construction, architecture, and many branches of engineering. These activities typically require team collaboration and often also approval from external stakeholders.

What happens when collaborators have no access to CAD software? Often, they are sent files in PDF format, which removes the 3D and navigation capabilities that are so valuable to the AutoCAD user experience.

FileCloud has partnered with Autodesk to address these challenges!

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Tip of the Month

Determining which Content Collaboration Platform best suits your business needs can be difficult. Our handy comparison between FileCloud and Box provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision between these two platforms.

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