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FileCloud 21.1 Update

We hope you are having a great start to your summer! We are excited to announce the release of FileCloud 21.1. The FileCloud team has been working hard to provide you with improved server speed, a new Drive UI and role-based access control.

Below are the details on the new release:

  • Role-based Access Control
    By customer demand, we have replaced the previous promoted admin management with more robust Role Based Access Control (RBAC). Admin users are now tied to roles to make it easier to assign permissions. This will provide more granular control of admin user privileges, achieving the flexibility desired by large organizations when managing promoted admins..

  • Faster Server and Improved Drive UI
    FileCloud is now 60% faster, more extensible, and capable of handling higher loads. Additionally, FileCloud Drive has a new user interface and log-in wizard that emphasizes clarity and ease-of-use.

  • VPAT/Keyboard Accessibility
    FileCloud users can now submit forms and navigate using keyboard shortcuts with our newly supported keyboard accessibility.

  • ServerLink Improvements
    Enhancements to ServerLink include additional status information, a Fast mode for quicker syncing, and improved error notification.


  • Latest PHP, Apache, and MongoDB
    System software has been upgraded to the latest versions for optimal performance.

  • More Secure Patch Releases
    An improved verification process has been implemented to increase security when downloading FileCloud upgrades.

    These are just some highlights from the new release. Other improvements include Drive support for Big Sur, Sync and ServerSync support for Linux, and automatic extraction of Microsoft Office sensitivity labels. Click below to visit our release notes for more information.

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Tip of the Month

Did you know that there are two access levels in FileCloud’s Support Portal?
Managers – Can control permissions within the organization, and also view and reply to tickets created by their colleagues.
Users – Can open tickets on behalf of the organization, but only view and reply to tickets that they create.

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