Live Webinar: Taking the Risk Out of Managed File Transfer

Choosing the right secure file-transfer solution to suit your enterprise infrastructure can be a challenge. For example, Managed File Transfer (MFT) and Enterprise File Share and Sync (EFSS) solutions have many overlaps, but also some crucial differences.

To learn more about the fine distinctions between MFT and EFSS, why not sign up for our free live webinar on November 8th? In this informative session, seasoned industry experts will offer invaluable analysis and use cases to help you protect your data. They will take listeners through the issues to consider before settling on a file-transfer solution and engage with you in a Q&A session.

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Irish Local Authority Recommends FileCloud

Safeguarding data integrity during large-scale file transfers can be challenging. An Irish local authority, subject to the GDPR, needed to secure highly sensitive data during a large-scale inter-authority data transfer project. Staff were reluctant to use OneDrive for this purpose, and after detailed research, settled on FileCloud. IT staff knew FileCloud could deliver high-grade security and traceability.

After implementing FileCloud on what was initially a temporary basis, the local authority decided to continue using it, due to numerous increases in efficiency they noticed as a result. To find out more, read the full case study below.

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Tip of the Month

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of workflow automation? A recent FileCloud Q&A video delves into this subject, addressing use cases, end user accessibility, and management options for admins, among other areas.

To learn more about this topic, and about FileCloud’s intuitive no-code Workflow Automation feature, watch our explanatory YouTube video!

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