star.png Upgrade FileCloud for ITAR and CMMC Compliance

Did you know… To comply with regulations such as ITAR and CMMC, file sharing applications need to be run on FIPS-enabled operating systems and use FIPS-approved encryption algorithms? Now for the good news: FileCloud can be run on FIPS 140-2 enabled operating systems with FIPS-compliant encryption, so your environment meets government requirements.

    • Clients with FileCloud Enterprise Online can upgrade to the GovCloud tier to gain FIPS 140-2 support.
    • Clients using FileCloud Enterprise Server can upgrade to the Advanced tier.
  • Clients can also set up a new instance dedicated to managing their CUI: increased efficiency, more control, and easier to audit.
FileCloud Pricing Tiers
FileCloud Pricing Tiers
Unsure if you need to be FIPS compliant? Not even certain what FIPS 140-2 is? No worries! You can learn all about this security standard in our FIPS 140-2 white paper. FileCloud’s compliance support goes beyond operating systems and encryption modules though. Clients who need to comply with ITAR can check out the Compliance Center, which includes an ITAR configuration. This configuration connects complicated requirements with FileCloud’s hyper-secure features. ITAR Compliance in FileCloud Ready to upgrade?
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star.png Content Lifecycles are Easy with FileCloud
Most companies have a content lifecycle process that looks something like this…
  1. Capture – Employee receives or collects a file.
  2. Add to Content Repository – Employee stores content in a specific, pre-designated spot (e.g., folders on a computer, a company drive, an online cloud storage solution).
  3. Collaboration/Processing – This step might take the longest time, as the employee collaborates with others to finalize the file. For example, a PR release is fact-checked, revised, and then officially published.
  4. Archival/Long-Term Storage – Once a document has been finalized and its purpose completed, that document or file is usually stored somewhere, either in a digital folder or archived in a system.
simple content lifecycle FileCloud goes beyond this simple content lifecycle, with powerful management tools that help you protect, secure, and sort data once it’s in your system. These include classification, metadata, and retention policies!
  1. Enable FileCloud’s Smart Classification
  2. Create custom metadata sets to label uploaded files
  3. Create retention policies based on metadata tags
  4. Create DLP rules to protect data from being leaked
  5. Monitor for changes
These FileCloud policies make it easy to automate your content lifecycles and manage files over years, without worrying about losing data in the system. FileCloud content lifecycle
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star.png Tip of the Month

The 22.1 release is nearing completion, which means FileCloud will be getting a bundle of exciting new features and upgrades! However, FileCloud support will be ending for Windows Server 2012 R2 with this release. Clients using FileCloud Enterprise Server (on-premises) and Windows 2012, please migrate your FileCloud site to Windows 2016 or 2019.

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