Launch of Video Product Q&A Series

FileCloud is delighted to launch a new series of videos in which FileCloud’s Chief Product Officer answers common product-related questions. This new series is indicative of FileCloud’s commitment to ongoing, clear communication about product enhancements and strategic initiatives.  

The first video in the series relates to FileCloud Desktop (FCD), which is FileCloud’s new desktop sync and drive app. Click the link below to watch the video!

Watch the FCD Video!

State Government Entity Leverages FileCloud on AWS

Did you know that FileCloud can be hosted on AWS? One state government entity in the United States discovered just how much time could be saved on infrastructure maintenance with a FileCloud AWS deployment. IT staff are reassured by the security provisions of FileCloud and AWS combined.

Remote collaboration is now efficient for staff, with real-time syncing across devices allowing them to share information without the inconveniences associated with VPN use. Staff adopted FileCloud quickly, due to its intuitive UI. Read more below!

Read the Case Study!

Tip of the Month

As part of its commitment to providing customers with up-to-the-minute security features, FileCloud has formally partnered with OPSWAT MetaDefender. MetaDefender protects enterprises from malicious files, with a 99%+ detection rate. The integration promises to provide cast-iron protection to FileCloud customers.

To discover more about integrating MetaDefender into your FileCloud deployment, click below to read the full article:

Bolster Your Data Security!  


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