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Our previous newsletters covered FileCloud 20.2 (Aurora) updates, where we introduced revolutionary new UI elements for FileCloud such as dark themes, additional mouseover functionality and more descriptive labels and tooltips. We received tons of feedback and a great response from our customers, and so today, we’re thrilled to show you the UI updates for our Sync and Mobile clients in their brand new look.
  • Data at Your Fingertips We’re all about making your information work for you. That’s why in FileCloud 20.2 (Aurora) Sync client has a mini dashboard, that you can keep open at all times on the desktop. It’s small enough to stay out of your way as you work, but detailed enough to provide all the information you need about your data and file syncs.
  • Installation Made Simple Setting up your software should be easy. So that’s exactly how we made it. FileCloud 20.2 (Aurora) introduces an intuitive and uncomplicated setup wizard to help you as you install the Sync client. The wizard not only helps with setup, but also with configuration, letting you customize your experience with FileCloud completely.
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star.png What’s New in FileCloud Mobile?
  • Staying Organized FileCloud 20.2 (Aurora) adds labels, animated prompts and smart predictions that make it easier to work with your files and data on the go. Plus, our new “Favorites” system lets you quickly revisit files that you know you’ll be using frequently.
  • More Stuff, More Speed Everything about FileCloud 20.2 (Aurora) was designed to help you go fast. Work quicker and better with our new single-click actions and detailed filters. Visual cues, responsive animations and color-coded workspaces reinforce each action you take and remove any sort of second-guessing from your workflow.
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FileCloud DRM protects important, sensitive business documents against intellectual property theft, piracy and leakage. To get the most out of your paid license, upgrade now and get the best ROI by scheduling a call with us.

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FileCloud End User Training

Encourage your FileCloud end users to attend our free user training sessions to learn more about our new UI and features.
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Check out other available sessions on our website. We’ll send a recording to everyone who registers in case you’re unable to attend the live broadcast. We look forward to having you in one of our sessions soon!

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star.png AirSend Voice and Video Calls

The AirSend Team is proud to announce that you can now make voice and video calls with screen sharing in AirSend Channels. Need a team meeting or want to chat with a client? Just click the phone icon at the top of any Channel to start a call with the people in that Channel.

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