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FileCloud - Dell ECS Integration

Hyper-Secure Platform

FileCloud includes powerful security measures to reduce the attack surface of cloud storage and prevent data breaches, while supporting file sharing and collaboration between authorized users.


Admins can enable fine-tuned data governance and compliance tools for centralized control over data, meeting requirements for global and industry regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, ITAR, FINRA, PDPL, and more.

FileCloud EMC Validation Tests

As per all integration tests, FileCloud Amazon S3 integration performs well with the Dell ECS S3 interface. Performance testing shows that uploading larger files was consistently faster.

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Discover True Single Pane of Glass Infrastructure:

Integrate FileCloud with Dell Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS)

Dell Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) is a massively scalable, enterprise-grade private cloud storage interface that provides extremely high levels of efficiency, resiliency, and simplicity. The unified management and monitoring platform is an ideal solution for IT professionals supporting enterprise data.

Dell ECS enables combinations of data type protocols and provides access to object services via RESTful APIs and HTTP/HTTPS semantics. All data is automatically balanced, which optimizes capacity and allows for performance to scale with growth. Enterprise IT admins can leverage API and heterogeneous protocol support to better manage and secure data spread across S3, Atmos, CAS, Swift, NFSv3, and HDFS storage.

FileCloud is a self-hosted, Enterprise File Access, Sharing, and Sync (EFSS) solution that can be deployed on-premises, on the cloud, or as a hybrid solution. Functioning as an overlay with Dell ECS, FileCloud creates a hyper-secure platform where end users can access object-based data, regardless of the underlying storage protocol. This access supports enterprise requirements centered on leveraging object storage for primary storage use cases. Stated simply, FileCloud can act as a file gateway for files stored in ECS or use ECS as an alternate file storage layer for FileCloud.

Logical Layout of FileCloud and EMC ECS Integration

As a flexible, API-driven platform, FileCloud can be integrated directly with Dell ECS to serve as a secure gateway to structured or unstructured data. With this integration, users can leverage all of FileCloud’s powerful features and functionalities to organize, secure, and collaborate on files within Dell ECS.

Users can mount their FileCloud data as a Windows drive using a FileCloud client or as a Max/Linux drive with WebDAV clients. FileCloud can also mount other file sources simultaneously, creating a centralized, enterprise-grade file management system – a true single pane of glass for IT admins and business users alike. The storage access APIs used by FileCloud and Dell ECS ensure that the two platforms are easily integrated, not just with each other but with third-party software as well, without requiring new or reworked connectors.

Furthermore, FileCloud is compatible with ICAP, which provides specialized support for FileCloud’s Data Leak Prevention (DLP), URL filtering, and antivirus scanning, in tandem with preferred antivirus software. With these features configured, admins can implement an automated antivirus system to support data migration and repatriation.

Secure File Sharing

FileCloud users can collaborate easily with internal and external stakeholders via public, private, and password-protected shares. They can also set granular folder-level permissions.

Network Share Support

Improve collaboration and productivity among employees by making all network shares available for remote access via web and mobile apps. FileCloud also supports NTFS permissions integration.

Active Directory & SSO Integration

Integrate with existing Active Directory/LDAP infrastructure for a single point of management. Secure remote access by enabling Single Sign-on (SSO) authentication.


Access FileCloud at any time and from any location with offline and remote sync. Synchronize content across computers, smart phones and tablets via desktop client, web browser, or mobile app.

Custom Branding

Customize FileCloud with organization logos, portal images, terms of service, and email templates. FileCloud can also be run under a custom domain.

Unlimited External Accounts

FileCloud offers free external accounts to extend secure file sharing for contractors, vendors, consultants, and project stakeholders. You only pay for employee accounts.

Compliance Support

The Compliance Center in FileCloud offers tabs for ITAR, GDPR, and HIPAA that connect complex requirements with FileCloud security tools and settings. The Resource Library provides configuration support for even more regulations such as FINRA, NIST, FIPS, GxP, and others.

Audit Logs & Reports

The admin dashboard provides real-time details on file and user activity. This activity can also be captured in custom reports; comprehensive audit logs can also be exported for ease of internal review and external audits.


FileCloud offers SSL and TLS protocols to secure data in transit. For data at rest, FileCloud comes with 128-bit AES encryption by default; this can be increased to 256-bit AES encryption separately or as part of “FIPS-mode,” which configures FileCloud to comply with FIPS 140-2 encryption requirements for data at rest and in transit.

Smart Data Leak Prevention (DLP)

With FileCloud’s content classification engine enabled, data uploaded to the platform is automatically scanned and tagged with metadata. Admins can create DLP rules based on metadata tags, so that labelled files trigger the application of DLP, which serves to automated the protection of sensitive or confidential data.

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Industry-first Zero Trust File SharingSM

FileCloud users can leverage Zero Trust File SharingSM to secure and protect sensitive data within and beyond the network perimeter. With encrypted ZIP files and password-protection, only authorized personnel with the Zero Trust password can access these shares. The password is not stored in FileCloud, further reducing the risk of breach.

This is only the beginning of how Zero Trust can be enabled by integrating FileCloud with Dell ECS. IT professionals are empowered to overcome data silos, support end user collaboration, and meet data governance and compliance requirements.

FileCloud supports the “Seven Pillars of Zero Trust” as outlined by the US Department of Defense (DoD).

Download Zero Trust brochure

Workflow Automation

Automating file management and administration has never been easier with FileCloud’s Workflow Automation. Users can create workflows with a no-code, drag-and-drop workflow builder that helps automate a variety of tasks such as:

  • file review and approval
  • budget cycles
  • HR hiring and onboarding
  • time off requests
  • file retention policy application

Learn more about how to use workflow automation for content management by reading our blog post!


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