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Online & Offline File Access and Sync via Desktop Client

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Easy File Access

Gain direct, local access to files and folders stored in FileCloud through the OS file directory. This desktop client access provides a streamlined and intuive UX while working on files or collaborating with remote teams.

Automatic Desktop Sync

Whether working offline or online, users can automatically sync modifications to files stored in FileCloud, so teams and stakeholders can access the most up-to-date records in real time.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Deploy FileCloud Desktop with FileCloud for Office (FFO) to enable seamless management of Microsoft Office files. Upload, download, lock/unlock, modify, sync, and share files directly from the desktop client.

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File Access & Sync with FileCloud Desktop

Users working with and collaborating on files often benefit from client applications that enable remote file access and synchronization, without relying on a VPN or web browser portal. This functionality is particularly useful for remote teams spread across distributed offices or work sites.

FileCloud Desktop is a unified client application for FileCloud users that supports anywhere-anytime file access and synchronization, directly from the user’s desktop. The client app makes content stored in FileCloud available as a local mapped folder directory location.

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Efficient, Streamlined UX

With FileCloud Desktop, users can work with files online or offline. When content is updated in offline mode, changes are synchronized when a network connection is re-established.

The client application itself can be opened on the desktop, providing users with an easy-to-navigate dashboard that reflects live and recent file actions. It also compiles a list of downloaded files and folders and connects users with a settings pane for quick adjustments.

Screenshot of FileCloud Desktop

Install FileCloud Desktop

Users can install FileCloud Desktop by downloading the client application from FileCloud’s “Additional Downloads” page.

Additionally, users can download FileCloud for Office while installing FileCloud Desktop to enable a seamless file management experience with Microsoft Office files directly from the desktop interface.

Screenshot of FileCloud Desktop

Use FileCloud Desktop

Once FileCloud Desktop is installed, the FileCloud folder becomes available in the user’s file directory. From the desktop client interface, a user can open and work with online files or download files to work offline.

Any changes are synced between the offline file and the environment when the machine is reconnected to the network, to ensure that all updates are reflected. Unlimited file versioning helps users preserve data integrity and resolve file conflicts.

From this desktop interface, a user can open and work with online files or download files to work offline. Any file modifications are immediately synced in FileCloud (if working online – if working offline, sync occurs once reconnected). Online files are displayed in the FileCloud folder with cloud icons; downloaded (offline) files are indicated by green check marks.

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FileCloud Desktop vs Sync vs Drive – What’s the Difference?

FileCloud Desktop offers the best of both worlds from FileCloud’s popular desktop clients, Drive and Sync, in one unified solution.

FileCloud Desktop (FCD) FileCloud Drive FileCloud Sync
Offline File Access Yes Icon No Icon Yes Icon
Endpoint Backup No Icon No Icon Yes Icon
Access to Non-Synced Files Yes Icon Yes Icon No Icon
Selective Sync Yes Icon No Icon Yes Icon
File Sharing Coming Soon Yes Icon Yes Icon
View/Edit File Properties, Versions, & Metadata Yes Icon Yes Icon Yes Icon
File Locking Yes Icon Yes Icon Yes Icon
Bandwidth Control Coming Soon No Icon Yes Icon
Active Sync Hours No Icon No Icon Yes Icon
Conflict Resolution Yes Icon No Icon Yes Icon
Network Folder Support Yes Icon Yes Icon Yes Icon
OS Support *

*Coming soon


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