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Lighter, faster, & user-friendly – DocIQ has been redesigned as FileCloud for Office for Windows and macOS.

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Desktop File Management

FileCloud for Office (FFO) enables desktop client access to files within FileCloud’s hyper-secure environment. With files opened, users will be able to lock and unlock files as well as view file versions and share permissions.

Windows & macOS Compatible

With the upgrade from DocIQ to FFO, both Windows and macOS users can leverage the streamlined file management pane by downloading an add-in from the Microsoft store.

Real-time Collaboration

Users can lock files and prevent file download directly from the FFO pane, which serves to reduce inconsistencies while collaborating and prevent distribution of incomplete files.

FileCloud for Office Optimizes Desktop File Access & Management

FileCloud DocIQ has been renamed FileCloud for Office (FFO), with key optimizations and improvements to make file collaboration even easier for Windows and macOS users.

FFO is lighter, faster, and compatible with multiple instances of MS Office. The redesigned user-friendly interface supports users with automatic file locking and unlocking when files are opened and closed, respectively.

Users can also adjust share and download permissions directly from the FFO pane. After checking the “Prevent Download” box, other users will not be able to download the file while it is locked. This additional layer of protection supports more streamlined and accurate file collaboration in real-time.

Within the FFO pane, users are also able to view and adjust the file’s share status, view the lock status, and check previous versions. The file stays within the hyper-secure FileCloud environment, while supporting users with easy desktop file management.

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FileCloud Features for Compliant File Sharing

Zero Trust File SharingSM

FileCloud incorporates Zero Trust principles throughout the environment for a hyper-secure file sharing and collaboration UI.

Gmail & MS 365 Integrations

Users can open, edit, and save files from preferred apps directly within FileCloud via Desktop Editing.

Granular File & Folder Sharing

Shares can be set with granular permissions, so that only certain users or groups will be able to see or access sensitive or restricted information.

Unlimited File Versioning

FileCloud offers unlimited file versions, so files can be rolled back as needed to preserve information and support backup.

File Commenting

Teams can collaborate on files by adding comments to files or folders within FileCloud to document progress, request review, or highlight questions.

Share Options

Users can share files as public (share link) or private (restricted to FileCloud users or groups), with password-protection or share expiry, or as a QR code.

Workflow Automation

The no-code, drag-and-drop workflow builder supports users in creating workflows to streamline repetitive file and folder activities.

External Accounts

Unlimited external accounts make it easy to extend FileCloud’s hyper-secure environment to clients, vendors, and contractors without adding to license costs.


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