FileCloud Integrates with OPSWAT MetaDefender for Advanced Threat Detection

FileCloud partners with OPSWAT MetaDefender to provide a powerful additional layer of defense against malicious incoming files.

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Enterprise-Grade File Security

Protect your enterprise from files containing malicious scripts that allow intruders to access your system. OPSWAT MetaDefender scans web traffic in real time for malware, with a detection rate of over 99%. Its integration into FileCloud’s hyper-secure platform provides maximum protection for your sensitive information.

Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Technologies

OPSWAT MetaDefender leverages technologies such as Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), Multiscanning, and Sandbox to tackle cyberattacks. In combination with FileCloud, it delivers a potent way to enable enterprises to take a highly rigorous approach to file sharing and content collaboration.

Multiscanning Engine with File Sanitizing

Like FileCloud, OPSWAT MetaDefender innovates to provide enterprises with a high-level security. MetaDefender uses multiple antivirus engines to detect and block malware. Behavioral analysis and heuristics identify zero-day threats that traditional detection methods cannot identify.

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Up-to-the-Minute Threat Detection

OPSWAT MetaDefender has a mechanism to ensure that the 30+ engines it uses in one solution are fully up to date with the latest anti-malware signatures, ensuring the seamless detection of new and complicated threats.

In combining FileCloud’s robust security features with MetaDefender, enterprises can rest assured that their file security needs are comprehensively covered, with a powerful and up-to-date security posture.

Cast-Iron Chokepoint Security

The chokepoint is the system pathway through which unauthorized access attempts commonly occur and has a crucial role in controlling traffic flow. For this reason, it is often a point of vulnerability for unauthorized access attempts. Common chokepoints are network gateways, authentication servers, remote access gateways, and application interfaces.

Taking steps to secure the chokepoint allows enterprises to filter data and detect malware. MetaDefender uses multiple antivirus engines to scan files for malware at chokepoints, with an excellent detection rate of over 99%. It also uses CDR to sanitize files passing through the chokepoint to ensure that no malicious content enters the network. Additionally, behavior analysis and heuristics identify suspicious activity to identify threats that may not be detected by signature-based methods. With the MetaDefender integration, FileCloud truly has your file security needs covered.

How the FileCloud & MetaDefender Integration Works

Cyberattacks most commonly occur through incoming files containing malicious scripts and URLs. The powerful workflow now integrated into FileCloud allows OPSWAT MetaDefender to scan all file upload requests. FileCloud sends an ICAP request to MetaDefender that includes the file to be scanned. Once MetaDefender has completed the scan, it generates an ICAP response to provide data to FileCloud about the results. If the file is corrupt, FileCloud notifies the user that the file is quarantined, while a file given the all-clear is delivered as intended by the user.

While conducting the scan, MetaDefender checks the validity of URLs, IP addresses, and domains to detect phishing websites and botnets. MetaDefender also analyzes file activity for malicious patterns and detonates files in a sandbox environment for added protection.

All File Types Checked

MetaDefender checks all popular file types for embedded malicious code, including docx, pptx, pdf, html, png, jpg, tiff, svg, and more.


MetaDefender uses multiple antivirus engines to scan files at chokepoints to enhance detection accuracy.

File Sanitizaton

CDR technology from MetaDefender can sanitize files prior to upload to remove malicious content.

Detection at Point of Entry

Malware is detected prior to entry into the system and offending files are quarantined.

Enhancing Zero Trust Posture

Like FileCloud, MetaDefender takes a granular, Zero Trust approach to file sharing and collaboration.

Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral analysis and heuristics are employed by MetaDefender to identify suspicious file activity for zero-day threat detection.

Latest Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence is effectively leveraged by cross-referencing files against threat intelligence databases to block malicious content.

Hyper-Secure Collaboration

MetaDefender integration is further indication of FileCloud’s commitment to delivering hyper-secure file collaboration.


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