FileCloud Online Files and Data Retention FAQ

How long does FileCloud Online retain my deleted files?

  With ‘Deleted Files’ (recycle bin) Turned on: When an user deletes a file and if administrator has turned on FileCloud’s ‘Deleted Files’ (Recycle bin) feature, then the file will be moved to recycle bin (a soft delete). The user can recover the file from recycle bin. Once a file moves into recycle bin, the file stays in the recycle bin till the user deletes the file from the recycle bin or administrator empties the recycle bin. If user deletes files from recycle bin or administrator empties recycle bin, then file will be purged permanently (a hard delete). If the files are larger than the default size (set in FileCloud administrator portal), then files will be permanently deleted. Note: Recycle bin only holds the most recent deleted file version. A new deleted file will replace any other older versions with same name and file path in the recycle bin. Useful Links: How to empty recycle bin? With ‘Deleted Files’ Turned off: However, if administrator didn’t turn-on the ‘Deleted Files’ feature, then the file will be purged (a hard delete) from the system permanently if an user deletes a file and it can’t be recovered.

How long does FileCloud Online retain older versions of a file?

FileCloud comes with the ability to store previous versions of a file (versioning stores older versions only when a new version of a file has the same name and path as the older file). If administrator has turned off this versioning feature, then older file versions will not be retained. If administrator has turned on the versioning feature, the older versions will retained until any of the following actions
  • User deletes the previous versions from the UI. (How to deleted older versions?)
  • Original file is deleted. When a file is sent to recycle bin or permanently deleted, its previous versions are permanently deleted.
  • The administrator deletes the older versions. (How can administrators remove older versions?)

How long does FileCloud Online retain my account data and files if I cancel my account?

If you cancel your FileCloud Online paid account, your files and account data will be marked for deletion from our servers after 30 days. After the 30-day mark, files can no longer be recovered. If you need an immediate data deletion, you can request it by contacting support (

How does FileCloud Online backup my data?

FileCloud uses IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service) service provider’s features to maintain data redundancy. Additionally, critical FileCloud data is backed-up every 24 hrs.
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