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The Features that Make FileCloud Stand Out

FileCloud's Compliance Center

FileCloud’s Compliance Center makes compliance easy with an entire dashboard meant to aid and help ensure compliance with regulations like PDPL, GDPR, and HIPAA. The dashboard connects security options with regulations and also offers best-practices, recommendations, and alerts for compliance issues.

Zero Trust File Sharing

Zero Trust File Sharing operates on a system of “Zero Trust” or least privilege, where only those who need to access a file will be able to. Zero trust files are easy to create in FileCloud by simply adding a passcode to an encrypted Zip file; which helps ensures that only those with authorization view your files or data.

Content Governance

Content governance is a vital part of any EFSS tool. FileCloud helps provide content governance from the moment your data and files enter FileCloud, with retention policies, content classification, and metadata.

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The Differences Between FileCloud and CentreStack

When evaluating FileCloud and CentreStack (owned by Gladinet), you might think at first glance that there aren’t very many differences. Both are secure EFSS solutions that make file sharing and storage easy.

However, while CentreStack does have some impressive features, this solution is better suited for smaller companies rather than enterprises or governments. That’s because it’s missing some core features that FileCloud provides.


An extremely important aspect of FileCloud is compliance. While CentreStack does have limited compliance options, they don’t have the tools that FileCloud offers, specifically when it comes to our Compliance Center.

FileCloud’s Compliance Center has separate tabs for GDPR, ITAR, and HIPAA, along with support for other regulations like PDPL, CMMC, and FIPS 140-2.

FileCloud makes compliance easier than ever by connecting complicated regulations and requirements with identity authorization, data residency, security integrations, file sharing controls, retention policies, and other features, all streamlined within the platform.


Integrations with your favorite tools and apps are an important part of any enterprise-ready EFSS; unfortunately CentreStack doesn’t have many available.

FileCloud, however, has a large number of integrations available including (but not limited to):

• Gmail, Outlook, Teams
• AutoCAD
• Office 365, OnlyOffice, Collabora, Google Docs
• Salesforce
• Okta
• McAfee

Having access to these apps and tools means FileCloud doesn’t slow you or your employees down, but instead seamlessly integrates with all parts of your business processes.

Content Governance

With the huge amounts of content that governments and enterprises need to store and manage with their EFSS solutions, they need a way to organize and govern this data. With FileCloud, admins can leverage several powerful functionalities to govern content that aren’t available with CentreStack:

Retention Policies

Admin Hold: Outranks all other policies and prevents any update or delete of digital content for an indefinite period of time.
Legal Hold: Freezes digital content to aid discovery or legal challenges. During a legal hold, file modifications are not allowed.
Retention: Identifies digital content to be kept around for an unlimited amount of time before being deleted or released.
Archival: Moves and stores old organizational content for long term. No Deletion is allowed until a specified time period is reached. After this time, content gets moved to a specific folder.
Trash Retention: Can be configured for automatic and permanent deletion of all files in the Trash bins or to expire with no actions.


By allowing users to attach descriptive metadata to files and documents, FileCloud enables a deeper level of categorization and information retrieval.

This enriched metadata can include details such as authorship, creation date, keywords, project affiliations, and more, offering a multidimensional view of each file’s attributes.

Additionally, FileCloud supports customizable metadata templates, facilitating consistent and standardized labeling across the organization. This not only boosts productivity but also enables advanced searching and filtering, making it easier to locate specific files even in large and diverse data repositories.

Content Classification

FileCloud’s content classification features are a robust and sophisticated solution for efficient data organization and management. With these features, you can categorize and label your digital assets, allowing for streamlined access, search, and security.

FileCloud can automatically scan and classify files based on their content, context, and metadata, enabling users to quickly identify sensitive information, prioritize resources, and enforce compliance measures.

Furthermore, FileCloud’s content classification features offer customizable tagging and labeling options, empowering businesses to tailor the classification system to their specific needs. Whether it’s for safeguarding confidential data, enhancing collaboration, or optimizing data retrieval, FileCloud’s content classification provides a comprehensive toolkit for maintaining order and control in today’s data-rich landscape.

Smart DLP

FileCloud’s Smart DLP is an advanced solution designed to bolster the security of enterprises and governments. While Centrestack does provide some DLP options, they don’t have the Smart DLP system that FileCloud has to stop data leaks before they happen.

By continuously monitoring and evaluating the flow of sensitive information, Smart DLP can accurately pinpoint potential vulnerabilities and unauthorized data sharing across an organization’s digital landscape. Its dynamic policies adapt to evolving threats, enabling real-time enforcement of security protocols.

Notably, by leveraging FileCloud’s content classification engine, Smart DLP can intelligently identify sensitive data upon file upload, based on context, ensuring a nuanced understanding of what constitutes sensitive information. This approach minimizes false positives and provides more accurate protection as soon as the data enters the FileCloud environment.

Through its comprehensive features, Smart DLP empowers enterprises to proactively safeguard their data, maintain compliance, and mitigate risks arising from inadvertent or malicious data leaks.

Real-Time Editing and Comments

FileCloud provides a few additional features to support streamlined collaboration between remote teams and worksites which are not found in Centrestack. These include the ability to edit and collaborate on work in real time, as well as add comments and notes to files and folders, with @mentions if you need to direct your comment to a specific team member.

Resumable Uploads

With FileCloud’s resumable uploads, you no longer have to worry about losing time in case of a connectivity interruption. FileCloud saves your upload progress. Once connection is steady again, your upload will resume.

FileCloud for Office

FileCloud for Office (or FFO) is a key integration that makes it easy for users to use Office while in their secure FileCloud environment. FFO’s sleek and simple UI is available on both MAC and Windows and also provides file locking and download prevention from the FFO screen.

QR Code Share Links

Sharing is easier than ever with FileCloud’s QR code share links option. This secure, public sharing method is great for in-person and mobile-friendly sharing.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation takes the tedium out of repetitive tasks by doing it for you. With a no-code, drag-and-drop design, anyone can create workflows to automate tasks like document review, reminders, and sign-offs.

Compliance Resources

FileCloud has a wealth of in-depth compliance resources available (in addition to our compliance center) such as white papers on GDPR, HIPAA, and Zero Trust File Sharing.


Security has always been at the forefront of FileCloud, with 2FA, SSO, 256-bit AES encryption, and SSL/TLS protocols to secure data at rest and in transit. Active Directory and NTFS integrations are also available to streamline authorized access.

FileCloud’s Industry-First Zero Trust File Sharing

With Zero-Trust File Sharing, FileCloud follows the idea of Zero Trust Architecture set forth by the US Department of Defense.

Zero Trust is a system of “least privilege” where only those who need access to certain files are granted that (limited) access. Identity is authenticated and access permissions are verified as part of a Zero Trust framework.

FileCloud provides an industry-first Zero Trust File Sharing, which allows anyone to create Zero Trust folders by simply adding a password to an encrypted Zip file. This file is not read by FileCloud, and the decryption key is stored off of FileCloud’s system. Only authorized users will have access to these folders, providing you with Zero Trust protection.

Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) Compliance

This comprehensive data protection law was enacted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in March of 2023; non-compliance can lead to huge monetary fines and even jail time.

FileCloud makes compliance with the PDPL easy by outlining all the features you need to adhere to requirements within its GDPR tab (dedicated PDPL tab coming soon!)

Features available include:

• content classification.
• retention policies.
• custom metadata.
• anonymization of personal data.
• built-in pattern searching.
• powerful audit capabilities.
• and numerous security protections.

Learn more about leveraging FileCloud for PDPL compliance.


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