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Prevent Unauthorized Access

FileCloud’s Secure Web Viewer helps ensure that recipients never have access to the full document. By allowing only file previews without exposing the physical document, it ensures a high level of security

User Friendly

Eliminate the need for downloading a native client, making it accessible even for the least technical end-users. Enjoy the simplicity of sharing and previewing DRM-protected documents directly in your browser through the FileCloud portal.

Collaboration and Security

Collaborate seamlessly without providing full access to protected information – the file remains secure in your FileCloud portal, avoiding downloads to local machines or recipient cloud folders.

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A Secure Web Viewer for Enterprises

In the dynamic landscape of enterprise data management, security and accessibility are non-negotiable. FileCloud’s Secure Web Viewer will help ensure that security remains in place even when documents and files are shared.

Seamless Collaboration with the Secure Web Viewer

FileCloud’s Secure Web Viewer is tailor-made for the dynamic needs of enterprises. This user-friendly solution prioritizes accessibility, ensuring that even the least technical end-users can leverage the benefits of DRM protection seamlessly.

The Secure Web Viewer allows for sharing and previewing documents directly in-browser, eliminating the need for a native client download. Enterprises can now collaborate with ease, confident that sensitive information is protected throughout the sharing process.

The Secure Web Viewer retrieves the physical copy from the FileCloud Server and previews the file to the client without sharing the actual physical file. The mechanism converts documents into a series of videos that are streamed on-demand through the Secure Web Viewer.

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Enhanced Security Without Compromising Efficiency

The primary strength of FileCloud’s Secure Web Viewer lies in its ability to enable file preview without exposing the physical file itself. When a document is shared using this tool, recipients gain access only to a secure preview, preventing possibility of redistribution. Moreover, users can further enhance security by sharing files with limited visibility, providing a controlled viewing experience. This level of DRM protection minimizes information exposure during file viewing, ensuring that enterprises can collaborate securely without compromising efficiency.

FileCloud’s Secure Web Viewer is not just a tool; it’s a strategic asset for enterprises seeking a balance between security and efficiency in their collaborative endeavors.

Workflow Automation

With customizable workflows, task automation, and seamless integration, FileCloud enhances productivity by automating repetitive tasks, reducing errors, and accelerating decision-making processes.

Zero Trust File Sharing

Zero Trust File Sharing redefines secure collaboration by eliminating assumptions about user trustworthiness. Through continuous authentication, granular access controls, and comprehensive auditing, FileCloud ensures that every file interaction is validated, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.

Content Classification

Smart Content Classification revolutionizes data management by employing advanced AI algorithms to automatically categorize and tag files. This innovative feature ensures precision in organizing and securing data, enhancing searchability, compliance, and overall information governance within organizations.

Compliance Center

The Compliance Center helps enterprises achieve compliance with separate tabs for HIPAA, GDPR, and ITAR. The Compliance Center connects complicated regulations with best practices and security options and also provides alerts and audit trails.


With robust encryption for data at transit and at rest, multi-factor authentication, SSO, and comprehensive access controls, FileCloud ensures the highest levels of security from beginning to end.

Data Leak Prevention

FileCloud’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) goes beyond conventional safeguards, offering advanced tools to monitor, detect, and prevent unauthorized data transfers. With customizable policies, real-time content inspection, and automated response mechanisms, FileCloud ensures organizations have a powerful solution to safeguard against accidental or intentional data leaks, preserving data integrity and security.


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