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With regulations already in effect, your organization must be prepared for the impact of GDPR regulation. FileCloud is a secure enterprise file sharing and sync platform to help every organization to achieve full compliance.

User Consent

GDPR requires that all users provide explicit consent to track personally identifiable information (PII). FileCloud offers privacy settings to ask for explicit consent from users while accessing, viewing or downloading files from FileCloud.

Breach Notification

GDPR requires that users are notified of any breach. While breach notifications must be handled by the customer, FileCloud has detailed policies and breach plans in place for customer data in FileCloud Online.

Right To Be Forgotten

GDPR requires that users have the option to request the deletion or anonymization of any data companies possess relating to them. FileCloud allows administrators to delete or anonymize all user data, including any traces of this personal data in FileCloud access logs.

Right To Access

Right To Access: GDPR requires that users must be able to request access to any information companies possess relating to them.

Data Portability

GDPR enables users to request a copy of data for use elsewhere. FileCloud allows the export of files in standard formats and activity logs in easily-readable CSV files.

Privacy By Design

GDPR requires companies to provide privacy, regardless of technological implementation or design. FileCloud is built on open standards and is designed to offer the flexibility of deployment on private, public, or hybrid clouds.

Data Residency

FileCloud offers data residency options, allowing customers to select the region of their choice for storing and processing data. Offers 100% flexibility when deciding where to store and process data. Can be deployed to a private or hybrid cloud on an infrastructure that customers control.

Data Protection Officers

FileCloud allows an organization’s data protection officer (DPO) or administrator to search for user PII across all file content and activity logs.

Policy Management

FileCloud has introduced the ability to manage multiple policies across users, including GDPR, which means that organizations can choose to show GDPR specific consent only to users in the EU and not those who reside elsewhere.

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