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GDPR Data Protection

GDPR Compliance

FileCloud helps organizations achieve GDPR compliance across private, hybrid, and public clouds. User content can be easily located using privacy settings and pattern search to adjust access or delete user data upon request.

Compliance Center

FileCloud’s Compliance Center includes a tab specific to GDPR compliance, with tips for best practices and recommendations.


With FileCloud’s enterprise solutions, organizations can provide secure access to files to any entity. FileCloud supports secure two-factor authentication. All data exchanged through the web is encrypted using SSL, a standard security technology for data transmission. FileCloud also ensures data is fully encrypted at rest, through AES 256-bit encryption.

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Secure File Sharing GDPR

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a European data privacy law with regulatory requirements that affect anyone (including non-EU citizens) who processes personal data or offers goods/services to EU residents. Any collected information must be secured, along with strict rules for consent, processing of data, and consumer requests for data. GDPR carries with it intense monetary penalties for companies that fail to comply.

FileCloud’s Compliance Center

FileCloud’s Compliance Center was created to be a powerful and useful tool for compliance officers and IT managers. The Compliance Center clarifies and simplifies complex compliance requirements with links to documentation along with best-practices, policies, and settings within FileCloud. Managers gain a bird’s eye view of compliance, helping companies address compliance issues and meet requirements.


Admins can explore the different compliance options by clicking on the GDPR tab within the Compliance Center dashboard. Compliance requirements are listed in a table, along with FileCloud settings that complete the requirement. The “Status” column confirms compliance or depicts the number of violations. The “Actions” column connects users with information and options within FileCloud.

Admins control which rules to activate and use. If managers already have a solution in place outside the FileCloud environment, they can easily bypass the rule.

FileCloud’s Compliance Center also connects admins with custom metadata, Smart Classification, DLP, and encryption and audit settings to provide multi-tiered security protections. Rules like “Confirm all users are US residents” provide useful prompts for system admins to confirm regulatory requirements are met. Metadata tags can be created for protected information, which are then applied to documents using Smart Classification. DLP rules connected with the Classification Engine ensures that no files with this metadata can be shared without access.

FileCloud’s Helpful GDPR Features

FileCloud’s features include:

  • PII Search
  • Data retention control
  • Ability to anonymize
  • Encryption
  • Data residency flexibility
  • Portability
  • FileCloud also enables the secure management and sharing of personal data within your organization and with your external customers and partners.

    FileCloud Privacy Settings

    FileCloud provides privacy settings for user content, where users can request access to or deletion of data relating to them. With features like OCR text recognition, custom metadata sets, Smart Classification, and Pattern Search, FileCloud enables administrators to discover, protect, and manage sensitive data.

    FileCloud provides GDPR compliance tools for all industries to meet stringent security requirements. Features like password strength enforcement, SSO login and Active Directory integrations, two-factor authentication, antivirus scanning, ransomware protection, advanced encryption, and granular sharing options ensure only authorized users have access to your data.

    User Consent

    GDPR requires that all users provide explicit consent to track personally identifiable information (PII). FileCloud offers privacy settings to ask for explicit consent from users while accessing, viewing, or downloading files from FileCloud.

    Breach Notifications

    GDPR requires that users are notified of any breach. For customers using FileCloud Server, breach notifications must be handled by the customer managing the server. For those using FileCloud Online, FileCloud prepares and sends out detailed policies and breach plans to swiftly secure customer data.

    Right To Be Forgotten

    GDPR says that users may request the deletion or anonymization of any data companies possess relating to them. FileCloud allows administrators to delete or anonymize all user data, including any traces in FileCloud access logs.

    Right To Access

    GDPR provides that users may request access to any information companies possess relating to them. With Pattern Search and custom metadata sets, admins can easily grant user access to relevant information.

    Data Portability

    GDPR says that users may request a copy of their data for use elsewhere. FileCloud allows the export of files in standard formats and activity logs in easily readable CSV files.

    Privacy By Design

    GDPR requires companies provide privacy, regardless of technological implementation or design. FileCloud is built on open standards and is designed to offer the flexibility of deployment on private, public, or hybrid clouds.

    Data Residency

    FileCloud offers data residency options, allowing customers to select the region of their choice for storing and processing data. This offers 100% flexibility on where to store and process data. FileCloud can be deployed online, on a hybrid cloud, or on a private server managed by your company.

    Data Protection Officers

    FileCloud allows an organization’s data protection officer (DPO) or administrator to search for user PII across all file content and activity logs.

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    Keeping sensitive or private files and folders secure is an important part of many compliance regulations. At FileCloud we understand the importance of security, which is why we have a top notch hyper-secure system with security features like:

    • DRM
    • Smart DLP
    • Active Directory and NTFS integration
    • 256-bit AES encryption and SSL/TLS protocols to secure data at rest and in transit
    • 2FA and SSO
    • Granular sharing and user permissions


    From the moment admins access their FileCloud system, the system is secure thanks to built-in features like:


    • Client application security policies
    • Automatic anti-virus scanning of files upon upload
    • Unlimited file versioning and file locking
    • Custom metadata and content classification
    • Endpoint device protection
    • Comprehensive audit trails
    • Federated search capabilities

    Digital Rights Management (DRM)

    Controlling who gets access to files and folders and what happens after they’re shared is an important but often overlooked aspect of compliance. For example there is a GDPR provision that requires that files with protected information not be shared with unauthorized people. Thankfully FileCloud has advanced DRM including options like:

    • Create shares with public/private/password protections
    • Revoke access even after files have been shared
    • Limit screenshotting/printing/copying
    • Set maximum access counts
    • Create access keys for shared documents
    • Restricted viewing mode
    • Multiple file format support

    Admins can restrict or revoke file access or change view options at any time, which places control over sensitive files back into your hands.

    Pattern Search

    Pattern search enables administrators to discover and manage sensitive data. Compliance officers and administrators can search for common data types using built-in pattern identifiers including e-mail addresses and phone numbers. In addition to common patterns, the FileCloud product team has created templates to search for following complex patterns:

    • ABA Routing Number
    • Belgium National Number
    • Credit Card Number
    • Croatia Identity Card Number
    • Croatia Personal Identification (OIB) Number
    • Czech National Identity Card Number
    • EU Debit Card Number
    • Finland National ID
    • Finland Passport Number
    • France Driver’s License Number
    • France National ID Card (CNI)
    • France Social Security Number (INSEE)
    • German Driver’s License Number
    • German Identity Card Number
    • German Passport Number
    • Greece National ID Card
    • International Banking Account Number (IBAN)
    • IP Address
    • Ireland Personal Public Service (PPS) Number
    • Italy Driver’s License Number
    • Netherlands Citizen’s Service (BSN) Number
    • Norway Identification Number
    • Poland Identity Card
    • Poland National ID (PESEL)
    • Poland Passport
    • Portugal Citizen Card Number
    • Spain Social Security Number (SSN)
    • Sweden National ID
    • Sweden Passport Number
    • SWIFT Code
    • U.K. Driver’s License Number
    • U.K. Electoral Roll Number
    • U.K. National Health Service Number
    • U.K. National Insurance Number (NINO)
    • U.S. / U.K. Passport Number


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