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Managing your files in the cloud with HIPAA compliance

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Secure and Simple HIPAA Compliance

Secure Access Controls for HIPAA Compliance

FileCloud ensures HIPAA compliance through several secure features and policies like data encryption (both in transit and at rest), audit trail, security policies and controls, restricted employee access to customer data files and much more. FileCloud helps protect sensitive patient information and maintain HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA Compliance Auditing with SIEM Integration

FileCloud provides the capability to integrate with the Enterprise Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). System administrators can monitor the file cloud storage with alerts capability and the relevant audits on details of who, what, how, and when. The alerts and the audits can be centrally managed for ease of use for the administrators.

Single Sign-On (SSO) and Two Factor Authentication

FileCloud offers HIPAA compliance with SSO and two-step authentication. You can enable SSO with SAML 2.0. It provides the ability to configure multiple IDPs and SSO for desktop and mobile clients. Another step for authentication for HIPAA compliance, MFA, can also achieve cloud security for the files. MFA helps prevent fraudulent transactions, unauthorized access, and account hijacking.

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How to achieve HIPAA compliance in the cloud with FileCloud cloud storage?

What is HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law. This law requires the creation of national standards to protect patients’ health information which is sensitive in nature. Also, this prohibits the information from being disclosed without the patient’s knowledge or consent.

What are the cloud storage compliancy requirements of HIPAA?

There are several requirements for HIPAA compliance for a cloud storage. Electronic PHI (Protected Health Information) should be kept in a cloud storage with proper audit controls and access controls. Also, it mentions that cloud storage should provide administrative safeguards, such as data backups and security incident procedures. A HIPAA-compliant cloud storage should have SSO and two-step authentication.

How FileCloud provide HIPAA compliance?

FileCloud provides user authentication in a few different ways. Single Sign-On (SSO) and MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for authentication, as well as RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) for authorization.

Single Sign-On can be enabled using multiple IDPs configured with FileCloud. MFA can enable more authentication protection where it will allow you to add additional steps of authentication for your file cloud.

Regarding authorization, your users can be categorized into groups, and the configured roles can be assigned to users. Group policies can also be defined by the administrator of the file cloud for additional security. Further to RBAC, folder-level permission granularity can also be achieved with FileCloud. These are coming under the administrative features of the FileCloud.

• Auditing

FileCloud provides SIEM (Enterprise Security Information and Event Management) integration for alerts and audits. The alerts will be generated with the capability of checking what has happened in the system with a broader view of who did what and when information, with proper audit logs in place. Audit logs can be enabled for auditing purposes, and audit reports can be generated as per the need for the total security of a secure file-sharing system. Granular controls of notifications are also provided where if someone does something unauthorized with files saved in the FileCloud, notifications can be triggered on those actions.

• Data Backup

To prevent data loss, FileCloud offers a “Backup Server” capability. This will back up your entire FileCloud installation, including all the files, user data, and all the settings in the FileCloud. This feature offers full or incremental backups and also scheduled backups. In case of any failure, you can restore the entire FileCloud installation. Also, the specialty of this backup method is that you are not vendor locked into FileCloud. You can export the files to a standard file structure. Data backup is crucial in HIPAA-compliant cloud storage as losing patient data is not an option.

DICOM Medical Images

FileCloud Supports viewing DICOM medication images such as x-rays and scans directly in the browser.

Full Audit Logs

Audit logs can be enabled for auditing purposes, and audit reports can be generated as per the need for the total security of a secure file-sharing system.

Device Management

All the connected devices for a particular account can also be managed centrally through the online account.

Powerful REST APIs

FileCloud provides you with REST APIs to customize and build applications on top of the FileCloud platform.

Recycle Bin

If you accidentally deleted any files, you could restore those by using the recycle bin.

View Only File Sharing

In order to maximize the security and prevent data leaks, FileCloud enables you to prevent downloading, printing, and copying/past any file content.

File Versioning

FileCloud provides the ability of automatic and unlimited versioning of files. File versioning allows the user to roll back if any issue happens with the file.

Remote Wipe

You have the ability to remotely block devices. Remote Wipe helps to prevent unauthorized access to the files if the relevant device gets lost or stolen.

Smart Classification

To sort out the logical categories within your content, FileCloud uses the Smart Classification Engine. Smart Classification helps the searching for personally identifiable content such as PII, PHI, and PCI quickly and efficiently.

Content Retention Policies

The user has the ability to create the content life cycle management policies. Content retention policies automate the content life cycle management from creation to archival and disposition.

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FileCloud is Built for Healthcare

Secure HIPAA-compliant Mobility

Allow doctors to have instant access to critical documents while protecting their patients’ Protected Health Information (PHI).

Easily Obtain Forms & Consent

Patients can upload and download forms using their mobile devices. FileCloud’s workflow automation streamlines file sharing for healthcare by automating document processes so patient communications and intake can be streamlined.

Improve Care Coordination

Centralize departmental resources and allow care teams to coordinate patient care and DICOM studies to achieve better quality outcomes.

Improve Management of Second Opinions

Patients can be empowered to securely and quickly get second opinions from outside doctors.

Streamline Research

Easily collaborate with other academic medical centers and departments to conduct research.

Deliver Patient Education

Encourage patient-focused guidelines and educational content, including videos and rich media.

“Our primary goal was to share while keeping the data onsite”

Simplify Your Digital Transformation

FileCloud can enable the digital transformation of your organization by providing instant access to critical information whenever it is needed, across any device or network.

  • Adhere to HIPAA compliance standards
  • Prevent ePHI theft
  • Experience a seamless and consistent experience across all devices

FileCloud provides health care organizations complete control over files and folders with real-time visibility of all user activities.

Administrators can add or deactivate user accounts and easily re-assign and restrict permissions for any folder. FileCloud also provides administrators with a rich set of features to monitor file-sharing and history.

Employees don’t always have online access to their files, but saving critical company data such as lab results on personal laptops or mobile devices can lead to serious security issues. FileCloud addresses all your organization’s access and sharing needs through our sync and drive solutions.

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