Largest US Home Builder Adopts FileCloud as an Alternative to Sharepoint

Major US home builder boosts productivity with partners through FileCloud

Leaders in the US home building market have their work cut out for them. Besides managing the ups and downs of the economy and all the details of construction projects, they must also liaise with external partners such as contractors, lawyers, and financiers. Large amounts of information must be made available to the right people at the right time for work to progress. While data security is always a concern, so is ease of access for authorized parties. Hiccups in processes for projects, regulations, and funding can play havoc with schedules, customer satisfaction, and ultimately profitability.

Beyond SharePoint file sharing

Before discovering FileCloud, a major US home builder had been using Microsoft SharePoint as its standard file sharing solution. Access to the SharePoint application was managed via Microsoft’s Active Directory, providing a method for user authentication within the enterprise. While this met internal needs, it was unsuitable for use with external partners. The company wanted to be able to share files with partners outside their intranet without giving them an Active Directory account. Ideally, the company needed one solution for both internal and external needs.

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