Irish Local Authority Chooses FileCloud for Secure External Transfers


The Problem

Our client is an Irish local authority spread across 120 sites in its county. It has city-based main headquarters and three regional HQs. With a main data center based in the central HQ, and a backup system on the cloud, the council uses national systems for data storage. Microsoft 365 is its core system for managing documentation and email requirements.

With tough GDPR restrictions and sensitive data to process, the local authority wanted to preserve the privacy and integrity of data during transfer. Additionally, a large project required that data be transferred to another local authority, which included sensitive personal data related to citizens. Our client wanted to ensure that this project was secure and seamlessly executed.

Why FileCloud

There was hesitancy among staff to use OneDrive for external data transfer purposes. To fill this temporary void, they chose FileCloud as a solution. Staff quickly found that FileCloud's thorough audit trails allowed them to complete the large-scale transfer of sensitive content quickly and securely. File activity was recorded and logged, and ICT staff could monitor user behavior with ease.

Seamless control over access permissions meant only authorized personnel could access files. FileCloud offered the local authority a level of control and traceability that allowed for ease of mind.

During the challenging periods of 2020, legal lockdown restrictions saw a huge increase in the volume of staff using FileCloud for secure transfers and collaboration.

The Outcome

Although the initial implementation of FileCloud was to fill an operational gap, the local authority now intends to continue using it for the foreseeable future. This is because FileCloud has allowed it to significantly reduce the amount of email attachments sent both internally and externally. It is considered especially useful in cases where full traceability is a priority.

FileCloud is now vital to various projects within the local authority, with an increase from an initial 30 users to hundreds of users, and an increased diversity of use cases. The workload related to service desk tickets has reduced dramatically, due to the ease of file transfer now available to all staff.

Irish Local Authority Chooses FileCloud for Secure External Transfers


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