ITAR Compliance Checklist

Best Practices for ITAR Compliant File Sharing

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ITAR Compliance File Sharing

Complete Control Over Data

Self-host FileCloud on AWS GovCloud or Azure Government. Monitor and control inbound and outbound network traffic, check detailed audit logs to see who accessed files, and more. Build a robust ITAR-compliant file sharing and access control solution with FileCloud.

ITAR Compliance Center

FileCloud’s Compliance Center makes compliance easier with best practices and recommendations. The ITAR tab specifically helps admins become ITAR compliant and stay that way.

Data Leak Prevention

Accidental data leaks can happen because of user errors or oversight. Establishing a set of stringent policies to prevent data leaks is crucial for ITAR compliance. FileCloud’s Smart DLP offers 360* protection.

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File Sharing and Sync on AWS GovCloud

ITAR Compliance

International Traffics in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is the US government’s flagship compliance law that controls the export and outflow of the defense and military-related items. The items covered under ITAR include defense articles, services, and related technology that are on the United States Munitions List (USML) consisting of military items such as firearms, ammunition, aircraft, personal protective equipment, and IoT sensors.

“Technical data” is also protected in ITAR that consists of information related to the blueprints, documentation, schematics, and flowcharts that can be employed to design, develop, manufacture, operation, maintenance, or modification of items that are on the USML list. ITAR compliance categorically covers arms dealers as well as all organizations that form a part of the military and defense supply chain. These companies must comply with specific requirements to ensure confidential information is not leaked to civilians, criminals, or threats to the U.S.

The Risk of Non-compliance

The risk of non-compliance with ITAR can result in severe penalties for organizations, with fines up to $1 million, imprisonment for ten years, and even banishment from conducting any export business. ITAR is all the more important for organizations that make use of cloud-based services for sharing and storing data.

There are certain best-practices and tools that can help with ITAR compliance checklist , including:

  • End-to-End Encryption:
  • Access Permission Controls
  • 360° Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Audit Reports
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM)

This list can seem overwhelming, but thankfully there are options. FileCloud is a hyper-secure EFSS that can make ITAR compliance easy. FileCloud has all the above including:

  • End-to-End Encryption: Complete encryption of files stored on the cloud server to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Access Permission Controls: Set expiration on shared files and set granular file permissions. Revoke data access to reduce the risk in event of a data breach.
  • 360° Protection: Data security with advanced tools like ransomware protection, smart DLP, smart content classification, and FileCloud DRM.
  • Data Loss Prevention: Set rules to effectively prevent accidental data leaks from end users, based on default and custom metadata sets.
  • Audit Reports: View when, where, and how ITAR data flows through the digital supply chain. Audit reports help keep track of activities in the cloud.
  • DRM: FileCloud has advanced DRM capabilities, including the ability to send public, private, and password-protected shares, revoke access at any time (even after they’re sent), and prevent screenshotting, printing, or copying.

FileCloud’s ITAR Compliance Center

Perhaps FileCloud’s best tool for ITAR compliance is the Compliance Center.

FileCloud’s ITAR Compliance Center was designed to make your life easier. It organizes your company’s ITAR compliance measures by allowing you to implement and create complex policies within your FileCloud system.

The compliance center also has an easy-to-use dashboard that can show you all your current configurations, including rules enforced or failed.

Administrators can implement FileCloud’s best practices and recommendations to ensure compliance, while instantly viewing problems with compliance in the dashboard.

FileCloud’s Compliance Center has many different security protections in place, and connects admins with SSL and encryption settings, along with customized metadata, DLP, and smart classification options.

Rules like “Confirm all users are US residents” are simple and easy ways to prompt Compliance Officers or IT admins to ensure requirements are being met.

This compliance tool is customizable and lets admins easily bypass any rule if another solution is in place outside the FileCloud environment.

Admins can also review, archive, or export reports in CSV files for ease of internal reviews or external audits.

FileCloud’s ITAR Compliance Center is designed to be easy for anyone to use, while helping translate and implement complicated governmental regulations. Rules are linked with original compliance documentation, listed alongside a simple explanation as to how FileCloud can help meet the requirement.


Access Files from Anywhere

Cloud-enable your windows file servers in minutes. With FileCloud, end users can access, share, and sync files stored in your file servers from anywhere. No VPN or FTP required.

Sync to Cloud

Sync/backup your file shares to the cloud and access data from anywhere. Honor existing file permissions and offer secure file access to your remote employees.

Easy Integration & Branding

Integrate with existing corporate IT systems (Active Directory, NTFS File permissions and Network Shares) easily. Powerful APIs can help link your preferred business apps. Display your organization’s branding front and center using FileCloud’s unparalleled branding options.

Data Leak Protection

Monitor, prevent, and fix data leakage to ensure sensitive files are protected across all devices (laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets). In case of a breach, admins can remotely block or wipe FileCloud data across any device.


Get maximum protection from email spoofing and ransomware attacks using FileCloud’s unlimited file versioning and branding capabilities. FileCloud Drive provides access to files without creating an offline copy of sensitive files on user computers.

Excellent ROI

FileCloud offers powerful ROI compared to other EFSS tools, with features that aren’t even offered by competitors, such as free, unlimited guest accounts. You only pay for your employees.

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Leave Non-Secure FTP Behind

For ITAR compliance, the responsibility to meet compliance standards lies with businesses that manufacture military, defense articles, or any other regulated goods and technologies.

Many government and private businesses still use non-secure file sharing methods like FTP or USB drives. This could result in increased security risks and loss of data as well as massive fines for non-compliance.

FileCloud offers advanced security and data migration tools to comply with ITAR requirements. FileCloud not only provides secure data transfer to defense contractors and other organizations, but also necessary tools for high performance and productivity.

"Government Department Leaves Unsecure FTP Behind and Migrates to FileCloud"

Retention Policies within FileCloud

Admins can easily use FileCloud’s retention policies to help with ITAR compliance and other types of compliance like GDPR or HIPAA. FileCloud’s retention policies include:
• Admin Hold
• Legal Hold
• Archival
• Trash
• Retention

These policies can help ensure files are not deleted, changed, or viewed without permission, which helps ensure compliance.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Controlling who gains access to files along with what happens after files are shared is an important aspect of compliance. Thankfully FileCloud has advanced DRM including options like:

• Public/private/password protected sharing
• Revoke access even after files have been shared
• Limit screenshotting/printing/copying
• Maximum access counts
• Access keys for shared documents
• Restricted viewing mode
• Multiple file formats

Admins can restrict or revoke file access or change view options at any time, which maintains control over sensitive files even after distribution.


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