Leverage Hyper-Secure, Compliant File Sharing by Integrating FileCloud with NTFS Permissions

In the wake of rising ransomware and cybercrime rates, striking the right balance between access and security is a particularly difficult challenge. Failing this challenge can cost an organization millions of dollars.

IT admins are often tasked with creating and/or maintaining a secure infrastructure to manage data access. NTFS permissions establish this infrastructure throughout a network, based on a system of user, group, and global permissions applied to folders and their contents.

However, NTFS permissions may be insufficient on their own to address collaboration and file sharing needs for teams working within and beyond the network.

This is why FileCloud offers NTFS permissions integration. This solution enables FileCloud to be used as a secure gateway to a network while preserving existing file and folder permissions.

Integrating NTFS permissions with FileCloud streamlines data access controls. Users can easily collaborate with internal and external teams, while admins and compliance officers can ensure that security and regulatory requirements are met.

In this white paper, we discuss:

  • What NTFS permissions are and how they work.
  • How NTFS permissions support governance and compliance.
  • How FileCloud integrates NTFS permissions to support secure, compliant collaboration.
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