Media and Entertainment Conglomerate Harnesses the Power of FileCloud Integrations


The Problem

A division of a highly popular global entertainment conglomerate is widely known and loved for its animation-oriented TV and film productions. Due to the need to protect its creative assets, the requirement for remote work in 2020 posed a challenge. Creative and other staff were reliant on a VPN to provide secure access to their work in progress and to collaborate.

Massive file sizes and speed issues, however, quickly began to make working with a VPN impracticable. IT staff were compelled to seek a solution that would allow teams to collaborate seamlessly from remote locations without the use of a VPN.

The IT team at the entertainment corporation looked for a means to provide secure, VPN-less access to their Dell storage-based network shares. They required a product that would allow them to achieve this while retaining existing NTFS permissions.

Why FileCloud

As data volumes were huge, the product chosen by the customer needed to be scalable. They also required file collaboration software that could integrate easily with the existing AD and its permissions.

When investigating their options, the team found that FileCloud had powerful integration capabilities. It could seamlessly replicate the existing AD and network share permissions with minimal disruption to production processes. Permissions already established during the pre-pandemic on-premises period were easily applied to remote work with no disruption to team performance or working methods.

FileCloud also offered an intuitive UI that accommodated the fluid collaboration that teams had been accustomed to during their on-premises working lives. Business continuity was accomplished securely, eliminating the need for VPN-based access.

The Outcome

With FileCloud's help, the creative staff whose work entertains millions continued working from anywhere, from any device. They were able to use the familiar network folder structure, as well as the AD and NTFS permissions that had been validated prior to working remotely.

FileCloud provided customized support to create additional special permissions, as well as SAML SSO for secure sign-on from any location or device. All of this was achieved without disruption, eliminating the requirement for a VPN.

In the hybrid work era, the staff continue to evolve in their use of FileCloud, leveraging the WOPI protocol-based file editing feature to enhance their work practices and exploring the use of further features. FileCloud has enabled business continuity to flourish with minimal expense, and little or no disturbance to tried and tested work practices.

Media and Entertainment Conglomerate Harnesses the Power of FileCloud Integrations


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