Build Your Own Private Cloud with NetworkChuck and FileCloud Community Edition!

NetworkChuck Lends His Unique, Coffee-Fueled Wisdom to the Subject of FileCloud

IT influencer NetworkChuck has been bringing his infectious passion for IT to YouTube since 2014. With over 3.1 million subscribers, he has engagingly democratized IT learning, helping thousands through his extensive free tutorials to obtain marketable certifications and earn a living.

In this video, NetworkChuck brings his inimitable insights to the subject of FileCloud Community Edition, taking you through the steps needed to create your own private cloud and retain full control over your data. He also talks about FileCloud Enterprise Edition and its innovative features, outlining the differences between the two product versions.

Additionally, NetworkChuck explains the advantages of the private cloud approach over popular cloud-based solutions (such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive), looking at FileCloud’s hyper-secure features such as password-protection and Zero Trust File SharingSM.

To experience NetworkChuck’s distinctive take on FileCloud, watch the video below!

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