Power Your SaaS Platform with FileCloud for Hyper-Secure File-Sharing

Power your SaaS platform with FileCloud for secure file sharing and control over your valuable data. Bolster your security posture by integrating FileCloud into your solution, removing the risks involved in data dispersal across several platforms. With its flexible and comprehensive API built on PHP and Apache, FileCloud easily integrates with the most complex of infrastructures. You can retain full command over your data with our extensive and robust security and compliance capabilities.

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Secure File Sharing with a Flexible Microservice

Easily integrate hyper-secure file sharing as a microservice to enhance any existing cloud-based platform, such as banking, fintech, and construction apps. Ensure cost savings by avoiding the need to switch platforms to collaborate.

AWS Hosting

All enterprise software providers hosted on AWS easily and cost-effectively integrate with FileCloud. Keep all files located on one platform for ease of use and enhanced security.

Full API Access for Total Control

Control the flow of enterprise storage management and file-sharing activities. FileCloud’s superior workflow automation and compliance capabilities are designed to prevent data leaks and ensure adherence to global regulatory requirements.

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Stay Ahead of the Curve with Cloud Security

In the last 10 years, SaaS adoption among businesses has grown rapidly, with massive acceleration since 2020. Despite the numerous advantages of cloud-based software solutions, managing SaaS operations comes with significant challenges for security, compliance, and data tracking. FileCloud offers numerous features to allow you to remain in control of your enterprise’s content, prevent security incidents, and comply with regulations.

Full, Automated Control Over Sensitive Data

Remove the risks associated with data dispersal across multiple platforms. Using FileCloud as an integral part of your SaaS solution protects PII and other sensitive information such as intellectual property, with hyper-secure features such as Zero Trust File SharingSM and Digital Rights Management.

With our versatile and fully accessible API, FileCloud can be easily integrated into any specialist cloud-based platform. For example, you can easily run FileCloud on Salesforce via a plugin to enhance your file-management capabilities and comply with your data residency requirements. This allows you to access your SaaS application directly from Salesforce, regardless of the hosting platform you are using (such as Azure or AWS).

Seamless Integration via FileCloud’s Adaptable API

Our API incorporates all the same functions as the FileCloud UI. It can be integrated into even the most complex of infrastructures. Currently, FileCloud successfully integrates with many apps hosted on AWS and Salesforce. Unlike our competitors such as Dropbox, Box, and Egnyte, FileCloud can be hosted fully within your platform, creating significant cost savings.

In addition, FileCloud provides multi-tenant capabilities out of the box. This means you can easily segregate data for compliance purposes, including regulatory requirements around data residency.

Easy Storage Management

Using FileCloud’s API, you can readily manage the following storage types:

  • Network shares
  • On-premises storage
  • Cloud storage (Amazon S3, Azure Files, Azure Blob)

Comprehensive Dashboard to Manage Compliance

The user-friendly FileCloud Compliance Center allows you to easily navigate increasingly stringent global privacy regulations by simply mapping specific legal requirements to the FileCloud features that allow you to automate regulatory adherence. These features include:

  • Metadata management
  • Data Leak Prevention (DLP)
  • Automated file retention policies
  • Fine-tuned, granular access controls

Get comprehensive access to all FileCloud UI functions via the flexible FileCloud API.

Control your content storage with a dedicated encrypted store or an existing local store using Network Shares.

Restrict access with fine-grained file and folder permissions, which allow any level of access control dictated by your business operations.

Automate content retention policies with robust data governance architecture, based on business and regulatory requirements.

Use fully customizable metadata functionality with rich taxonomy. Automate critical, security-enabling tasks with Smart Classification.

Enforce access, printing, and screen capture control of shared content, even after it is downloaded, with Full Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Create custom rules to block logins, control file and folder access, and block inadvertent file sharing, with Data Leak Prevention.

Store all files on your existing SaaS platform for cost-effectiveness and full visibility.


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