Powerful Unstructured Data Management for SaaS Applications: White Paper

SaaS adoption has greatly increased in recent years, creating huge volumes of data globally, 80% of which is unstructured data. SaaS comes with major advantages, but business leaders are also concerned about retaining control over the unstructured data stored in SaaS solutions, protecting sensitive data, and adhering to stringent compliance requirements.

These challenges are reinforced by the need to switch from an industry SaaS platform to a new UI for file-sharing purposes. With solutions such as Dropbox, Box, and Egnyte, this unwieldy, revenue-draining approach to file management is non-negotiable. What if your enterprise could contain all unstructured data in one SaaS solution, providing a hyper-secure single source of information and collaboration? FileCloud allows you to do this through features such as:

  • Customization capabilities through versatile APIs to protect your SaaS branding
  • Zero Trust File SharingSM to protect sensitive data
  • Heuristic file content scanning engine to detect and block ransomware
  • Digital Rights Management to safeguard PII other sensitive information
  • Multiple features to easily automate compliance with privacy regulations
  • Multi-tenancy capabilities to segregate data for compliance purposes
  • Content classification, version control, and granular audit and logs

To find out more about retaining control over your data as SaaS evolution accelerates, download our white paper.

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