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Client Document Portal

FileCloud offers a secure client document portal for file sharing, which can be created in minutes. Enterprises can run FileCloud under owned business domain, using their own brand name and assets. You can also have unlimited free client/partner accounts.

Secure Document Portal

With FileCloud you get maximum protection from email spoofing and ransomware attacks. FileCloud security includes 256-bit AES SSL encryption at Rest, two-factor authentication, anti-virus scanning, a recycle bin and endpoint device protection.

Powerful File Sharing

FileCloud offers powerful file-sharing features that include public, private and time-limited shares. FileCloud also comes with fine-grained audit logs, file change email notifications and many more features making it a perfect document portal for clients.

FileCloud Received Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction the fourth consecutive time! 92% of our customers are willing to recommend us.

Access Client Portal Easily From Anywhere!

The FileCloud client document portal offers secure document access, so you can manage all your files and documents securely, anytime and from anywhere. You can access the client portal from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device with an internet connection. Sharing documents, files, and folders with users within or outside your company is ultra-quick and easy with the FileCloud client document upload portal.

Customizable Client Portal

Customers can use the FileCloud document portal under their own business domain and apply custom logos and language to features like headers, platform messaging, email notifications, and terms of service, which ensures consistent brand visibility. The FileCloud’s customer document portal makes it easy to manage and share files within a secure platform. To learn more about FileCloud’s features, check out our quick Features Tour. 

Customizable Client Portal

Secure Client Portal

Our FileCloud client file sharing portal helps maximize your team’s efficiency by simplifying the process of uploading, managing, and securing file sharing between clients, internal teams, and partners — anytime, anywhere. Our security features like smart data leak prevention, detailed audit logs, and device management ensure that you’ll never need to worry about loss of data or unauthorized file sharing. You can access the client document portal software from any web browser or mobile device with an active internet connection.

Client Document Portal

Built for Professional Services Business

Built for professional services business teams, FileCloud’s client portal solution offers a robust document management and secure file sharing solution for security, reliability, and scalability when you expand the teams. Create a client portal for your firm in minutes, send documents instantly via an easy-to-use client portal, get automated notifications, a centralized dashboard for all file analytics and access anywhere.

Client Document Portal

FileCloud’s Compliance Center

Leverage powerful tools inside FileCloud to stay in compliance with industry and government regulations like HIPAA, FINRA, CMMC, IRS, GDPR and more. Get data governance, retention and content lifecycle management required for legal and content classification purposes. FileCloud also offers a centralized ITAR Compliance Center to connect critical FileCloud features with regulatory requirements.

Client Document Portal

ITAR Compliance Dashboard

Failing to comply with compliance regulations such as ITAR can result in civil or criminal charges, so it’s important to get compliant and stay that way. FileCloud’s ITAR Compliance Center helps you do just that.

Client Document Portal

The Compliance Center helps connect complex regulations with built-in best practices and recommendations to make ITAR compliance easier than ever with easy application of security and sharing settings.

Administrators or compliance officers can easily see all policies and rules in place within the ITAR dashboard and get reports on any violations so your teams can quickly address any issues.

Powerful File Sharing Features

Secure your files with public, private, password-required, and expiring share links. Granular sub-folder level permissions protect files from unauthorized access. Built-in document preview and view-only shares provide ease-of-access.

Large File Support

Drag-and-Drop file uploads make it easy to share large files, along with the file request feature and anonymous file upload support. Share large files with no size limit.

Custom Branding

FileCloud’s document portal can be custom branded with your business logo, login page image, and email templates. You can even run the client portal under your own business domain.

File Change Notifications

Get immediate file change notifications and alerts to your email when a client uploads or downloads a file from your client portal.

Unlimited, Free Client Access

FileCloud offers free unlimited client accounts for sharing confidential files with clients. You only pay for Admin, Full, and Guest accounts.

Workflow Automation

FileCloud offers workflow automation so that users can automate tedious but important tasks like document review and signoffs with a no-code, drag-and-drop design.

Advanced Audit Capabilities

FileCloud keeps track of complete audit logs (What, When, Who, Where, and How). Detailed share analytics and logs of who uploaded, downloaded, deleted, and previewed files from your client portal is available anytime.

Secure Document Sharing Portal

FileCloud ensures secure document sharing with enterprise-level security while offering an accessible user interface that makes internal and external collaboration an easy process.

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Secure File Upload Portal for Business

FileCloud’s client document portal enables you to have an unlimited number of client accounts at no additional cost, as well as data loss prevention, unlimited file versioning support, easy document search, customer-specific folders and much more, because we don’t want to get in the way of your success!

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Secure Web Portal Solution

The happier your customers are, the more customers you can get and serve through your FileCloud client portal. Our custom branding options will make you look awesome, whether your business is just a single person or a big Fortune 500 enterprise.

Even if you work on your business in your home, a corner office, or a big multi-floor building, the FileCloud client portal will assist you and your clients every step of the way. Find out why thousands of accounting firms, real estate firms, law firms, and other businesses use FileCloud for creating client document portals and sharing files both securely and easily. Try it free today!

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