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Access Large Files Stored in Internal Shares From Anywhere!

Secure Access

FileCloud provides features for safe and secure sharing of data and offers unlimited data storage space on its remote cloud servers. FileCloud’s security measures and strong infrastructure ensures complete data protection and storage.

Low Latency Access

To maximize productivity, employees and clients need to have easy and access to files on their personal devices. With endpoint backup, real-time sync and more, businesses can share files and work from anywhere without any latency.

Large File Sharing

Need to share an expansive media document, CAD drawing, heavy graphic design file or lengthy report with your colleagues and clients? Simply use FileCloud for any business file transfer and share files limitlessly.

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Many architecture, construction and civil engineering companies have several terabytes of data stored in on-premise file servers and storage appliances (Isilon, Filer and others). Accessing large CAD files is often critical for remote work of this nature, and they tend to be larger (100mb – 2GB) in size. Today, telework has suddenly become mandatory due to COVID-19 outbreak, and the working-from-home situation has introduced new challenges in terms of accessing and sharing files from outside the network.

Because of the large file sizes, many architecture, construction and civil engineering teams are finding their productivity plummeting, unable to quickly access the files they need. FileCloud offers a quick, easy and powerful solution to solve this challenge.

Low-Latency, Fast Access to Large Files and Remote Data

Repetitive transferring of massive and similar files; long wait-times for data to upload and download while working remotely – does this sound like your team? We at FileCloud know how frustrating it is to have to deal with high latency, especially during the chaotic process of changing workflows and working environment, so we made sure that you don’t have to! FileCloud offers lightning-speed file transfers, comparable to accessing on-premise file servers! Never again will you be stuck wasting valuable work time watching a progress bar crawl upwards.

As a file-sharing solution, FileCloud also helps users access enterprise file-shares in on-premise storage arrays, anywhere, anytime. We offer seamless access from any device without needing a VPN, while integrating existing IT infrastructure (AD, NTFS and storage applications like EMC Isilon), helping you maximize your ROI without needing extra investments or migration of files/permissions.

Secure Remote Access

Using FileCloud, data can be easily accessed through any device, anywhere. FileCloud ensures a secure and fast collaboration system and a holistic workspace for different kinds of teams.

Virtual Drive Mapping

FileCloud helps you mount remote files as local files. Files are downloaded only when they are accessed and edited, so users can access all of their remote files without using much local memory.

Easily Access Large Files

Easily and quickly send large files with FileCloud. FileCloud helps your team share and sync even the most massive files, with no size limit, across multiple devices.

Use Existing IT Infrastructure

Cloud enable your existing file servers. Leverage your existing investment in IT infrastructure and utilize your existing file server systems without needing a VPN or FTP.

File Locking

File locking prevents accidental overriding by stopping multiple team members from opening, accessing or editing files at the same time. This lock can also prevent other users from downloading, or viewing file contents by other users. 

FileCloud ServerSync

FileCloud ServerSync syncs files and permissions stored on on-premise Windows file servers to the cloud, using a unique hybrid approach that allows traditional LAN access when on-premise and cloud access when off-site or remote.

Integrates With Existing Systems

FileCloud seamlessly integrates with Office Online and Outlook. Easily preview, edit and store Microsoft Office files to maximize your team’s productivity and collaboration.

Advanced File Sharing

Share business files and confidential documents with password-protected links, set view/download/edit permissions, set expiry dates on shared links or delete them anytime so that files are shared with who you want, when you want.

Mobile Access

Access and share large files with your team: anywhere, anytime, and from any device. FileCloud’s intuitive mobile and desktop apps support iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows.

Ransomware Protection

FileCloud’s heuristic engine uses tried-and-true algorithms to detect suspicious activity. Potentially malicious files are detected as threats by checking the file content signature against its mime type, and alerts are immediately sent to admins on detection.

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FileCloud ServerSync

Cloud Enable Your Windows File Servers

Use FileCloud ServerSync to help sync your local Windows File Servers with a FileCloud Server or FileCloud Online. It’s a great way to add mobility and collaboration to current file servers.

Changes in local Windows File Servers are seamlessly synchronized to a remote FileCloud Server or FileCloud Online site. These changes include:

    • The addition of new files
    • Edits and changes to existing data
    • The removal of existing files

ServerSync can also optionally sync FileCloud’s folder-level permissions

  • The FileCloud permissions can be synchronized to local folders
  • These permissions are applied as NTFS Permissions. Read more about ServerSync here!

FileCloud installations can accommodate millions of users if required, all with the same high security, reliability, performance and ease of use.

Drag and Drop Uploads

When handling large files, you’ll want the process to be as seamless as possible. FileCloud lets you easily drag-and-drop files between your local and cloud storages. Uploaded files appear directly in the folder they were dropped in, and tracking your upload progress is just as easy and concise.

If you frequently find yourself having to access and send big files from various places, FileCloud is here to help. Access your data while walking down a street, from your Uber ride, a classroom or your own kitchen – not having access to your computer will never hinder your workflow again.

Multi-platform file hosting service, operated by FileCloud, is a service that allows users to store and sync files between personal devices, as well as share files with other users. With free and paid options, accessibility via web browsers and an intuitive app for Android, Windows, MacOS and iOS, there’s a guaranteed great fit for your team with FileCloud.

Integration with existing access authorization systems make it easy to manage different levels of user privileges.


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