Remote File Access From NetApp FAS/Filer

Without Using Slow, Unreliable and In-Secure VPN

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Access Files Stored in NetApp Appliance From Anywhere!

Access From Anywhere

Securely access your enterprise data from anywhere, using any device. Unlike netapp file server, No VPN, FTP required. Access files stored in on-premise file servers or in the cloud.

Integrate With Existing Systems

FileCloud integrates easily with existing IT systems (Active Directory, NTFS File permissions, Network Shares). Our powerful APIs also help with business application integration.

Keep Existing NTFS Permissions

Don’t want to go through the hassle of recreating user permissions? FileCloud can read and support existing Microsoft NTFS permissions on network folders, applying them on user access.

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NetApp Filer/FAS is a family of highly scalable, network attached storage (NAS) appliances from NetApp. NetApp file share filers are high-performance, scalable storage products used by large enterprises. Many organization use the NetApp FAS appliances to store documents and files and make it available as network shares via LAN. They are typically exposed as CIFS or NFS shares in LAN and offer low latency access to large files.

Current Challenges Due to Current Pandemic

Many organizations in manufacturing, architecture, financial and education verticals have several terabytes of data stored in on-premise storage appliances (Isilon, Filer and others). Today, telework has suddenly become mandatory due to COVID-19 outbreak, and the working-from-home situation has introduced new challenges in terms of accessing and sharing files from outside the network. Office teams are finding themselves unable to access the files stored in on-premise servers that they need for work. FileCloud offers a quick, easy and powerful solution to solve this challenge.

Want to Access Files Stored In On-Premise NetApp Storage Appliances From Anywhere?

FileCloud helps users to access enterprise file shares stored in Isilon appliances from anywhere. It offers seamless access to enterprise file shares without VPN. Integrated with existing IT systems in place (AD, NTFS and Storage appliances such as NetApp FAS, NetApp FTP). Maximizes ROI by utilizing existing IT infrastructure investments. No migration of files and permissions is needed.

Unlike NetApp NTFS permissions, FileCloud allows organizations to keep their existing NTFS permissions for access control which is unique to FileCloud. Imagine a scenario where you have 1000’s of users and migrating their access rights to a different system is a herculean task and not practically feasible. FC helps to avoid that situation of migrating permissions and files and keep the organization running.

Access internal shares from home office
Access internal shares from home office

FileCloud Benefits

  • Secure, remote file share access without VPN using your windows file shares
  • Integrates with Active Directory
  • 100% Native Windows File Share and NTFS Security integration
  • Mapped drive and mobile apps
  • Built-in ransomware, Anti-virus protection
  • Smart Data Leak Prevention (DLP) and content classification capabilities
  • Powerful audit trail and remote device management
  • Help companies meet their security requirements & compliance standards such as FINRA, ITAR, FEDRAMP, HIPAA and  GDPR
  • Use existing IT infrastructure – maximize ROI

Secure Remote Access

Securely access your enterprise data using any device without a VPN. Unlike netapp appliance filers, we offer multiple ways to access your organization’s files securely via web access, network drive, sync and mobile apps.

Mapped as Drive

Automatically make your remote files available as stored in the local drive on your computer. Access remote files easily as local files.

File Locking

File locking prevents multiple team members from opening/ accessing files at the same time. This lock can also prevent other users from downloading, or viewing file contents by other users.

Unlimited Versioning

Unlimited file versioning helps users to rollback to any previous versions of the file within seconds, in case any unwanted changes are made. FileCloud preserves unlimited versions of each file.

Ransomware Protection

Protect your data with automatic anti-virus scans when uploading files. FileCloud’s heuristic content-scanning engine detects and blocks ransomware so your data stays secure.

CIFS/NFS Support

CIFS and NFS are the primary file systems used in Windows/ Linux storage. FileCloud can easily parse existing file/ folder permissions to support CIFS/ NFS systems.

Active Directory Integration

Seamless integration with Enterprise LDAP as well as Microsoft Active Directory support. Merge user accounts from existing systems.

Use Existing IT infrastructure

Move your file servers to the Cloud. Leverage your existing investments in IT infrastructure, avoid costly cloud subscriptions and get maximum ROI.

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Use Case - Large Mueseum

Problem Use Case

  • Being forced to telework due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Having trouble getting everyone access to large enterprise file shares that are stored on EMC Isilon
  • Challenges in drive mapping
  • Security issues with employees accessing data remotely
  • Requiring good ransomware and antivirus protection

Solution: FileCloud offers secure access to on-premise enterprise shares from anywhere. End users can access the shares as drives. The solution comes built-in robust security measures and ransomware protection.

Use Case - A Major University

Problem Use Case

  • Having trouble accessing internal shares (NetApp Filer) while using NTFS permissions for access control
  • Allowing large amounts of users (up to 30,000) to access internal shares remotely, while keeping existing login credentials
  • Sharing common working folders and needing existing access rights for files and folders.
  • Accessing this data via mobile devices without going through the hassle of getting a VPN

Solution: FileCloud offers secure access to internal shares. Utilizes existing NTFS permissions for access control and access via mobile devices without a VPN.


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