FileCloud Team Folders – a Powerful Tool for Enterprise File Sharing

FileCloud’s Team Folders simplify enterprise file sharing and collaboration. Team Folders make knowledge sharing easy by offering common folders that teams can use to share and manage documents.

  • Team Folders are common folders where teams/ departments can store files for collaboration
  • Team Folders can be created only by admins or authorized users
  • Once a Team Folder is shared with a team, the folder is instantly available to all members of the team
  • Admins can change access privileges (e.g. limit access only to a few users) on sub folders under a Team Folder

What makes FileCloud’s Team Folders different?

Many of our competitors in the enterprise file sharing and sync (EFSS) market use waterfall permissions model in their Team Folder implementation i.e. Team members have the same permission level in sub folders as they do in the top level folders. This kind of rigid sharing model doesn’t fit the majority of enterprise’s information sharing needs and increases data leak risks. On the contrary, FileCloud’s Team Folder system offers a granular sharing model for folders and sub folders i.e. Administrators can limit team member access to any sub folder independent of top level folder permissions.

Centralized Content Management

Instead of creating multiple individual file shares among users, you can organize files and folders in a centralized place using Team Folders.

Easy Provisioning

Provision new users quickly and setup access to specific files and folders through team folders. You can grant immediate access to new files by uploading them to the right team folder.

Granular Control of Folders

Team Folders and their sub folders can be given granular permissions for users with Read, Write, Share and Sync access.


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