Telesur helps a thousand employees under one simple solution

TeleSur is a major telecommunications company in Suriname. TeleSur focuses on providing a telecommunications service that is dynamic, innovative, flexible, modern and at the time, with the emphasis on quality.

TeleSur was in a quandary when it came to finding a way for over 1000 users to access their files when so many employees were working in remote parts of the country. Many had no choice but to access their data using their mobile devices. Because the information is of a highly confidential nature there could be no chance of a breach. TeleSur is committed to protecting the security of the information for the sake of their employees and overall company.

Furthermore TeleSur needed to have complete control over who could access the data with the ability to trace any activity if need be. Their head of information technology was given the responsibility for finding and implementing the latest and emerging technologies to come up with a Cloud like solution.

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