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Drag-and-Drop for Workflow Automation

With already-created rules, FileCloud’s Workflow Automation is simple for even the least technical end user, with a drag-and-drop functionality that allows anyone to quickly and easily create workflows to automate document review, email reminders, and signoffs.

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End User Friendly

Drag-and-drop functionality is intuitive and familiar to most users. It eliminates the need for complex upload processes, making it easier for employees to quickly upload files without extensive training or technical knowledge.

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Upload Queue and Status

FileCloud’s Uploader will show progress as well as any errors encountered during uploads.

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Unlocking Efficiency and Ease with FileCloud’s Drag-and-Drop Tool

FileCloud offers drag-and-drop functionality as part of its file management features, allowing users to simply drag files from their local system and drop them directly into the FileCloud interface. This feature streamlines the process of uploading files, making it intuitive and convenient for users.

Here’s why this feature is particularly useful for enterprises:

Efficiency and Productivity: For enterprises dealing with a large volume of files on a daily basis, drag-and-drop functionality can significantly enhance productivity. It simplifies the process of uploading files, saving time and effort for employees.

Reduced Errors: Drag-and-drop minimizes the chances of errors during the file upload process. Users can simply drag the intended files and drop them into the desired folders, reducing the likelihood of uploading files to the wrong location.

Enhanced Collaboration: By simplifying the file upload process, drag-and-drop features encourage collaboration among team members. It enables quicker sharing of documents, images, and other files, fostering a more efficient work environment.

Accessibility and Mobility: This feature is especially beneficial for remote or mobile users. It allows them to easily upload files from their devices, fostering flexibility in work practices.

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Bulk File Uploads: Users can drag multiple files or folders simultaneously, allowing for bulk uploads. This capability is particularly valuable for enterprises dealing with large quantities of files, enabling efficient uploading without the need to select files one by one.

Enhanced User Adoption: Intuitive features like drag-and-drop promote higher user adoption rates within an enterprise. When tools are user-friendly and require minimal training, employees are more likely to embrace and effectively utilize the software.

Time-Saving and Convenient: Instead of navigating through multiple menus to upload files, the drag-and-drop feature offers a quicker and more direct method. This time-saving aspect is particularly beneficial for employees handling tight deadlines or time-sensitive projects.

In essence, the drag-and-drop feature in FileCloud not only simplifies the file upload process but also contributes to a more efficient, organized, and secure file management system within an enterprise environment. Its user-friendly nature and compatibility across platforms make it a valuable asset for businesses aiming to streamline their document management processes.

Hyper Secure Cloud File Storage

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The Features That Set FileCloud Apart

Resumable Uploads

Resumable uploads means you won’t lose time or data when your internet connection is lost. Instead, your uploads pause and then resume once your connection is reestablished.

Zero Trust File Sharing

Zero Trust File Sharing is unique to FileCloud and allows you to follow a “zero trust” strategy, so only those who need access to files have it.


FileCloud is a hyper-secure file sharing tool with 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest, and SSL/TLS for data in transit, along with 2FA, SSO, and AD integration.

Smart DLP

FileCloud’s Smart DLP (Data Loss Prevention) employs sophisticated algorithms and pattern recognition to monitor and prevent sensitive data leaks, ensuring compliance and security within enterprise environments. It proactively identifies, tracks, and safeguards confidential information, offering real-time protection against unauthorized sharing or exposure of critical data.

Digital Rights Management

You can decide who views your files and folders and when, with the option to prevent printing, screenshotting, and copying, while also being able to revoke access at any time.

Customization Options

FileCloud offers extensive customization options, allowing enterprises to tailor the platform with personalized logos, colors, and custom domains for a branded and seamless user experience.


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