Zero Trust File Sharing with FileCloud

Traditional network security measures have fallen short in recent years due to increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. These attacks have targeted network infrastructure gaps and vulnerable identity protocols. Data breaches and ransomware have affected millions of people around the world and cost enterprises billions of dollars.

IT professionals in the public and private sector have been seeking a new cybersecurity model to answer these rising threats. This model needs to respond to the changing IT landscape, which includes cloud technology, Internet-of-Things (IoT) machines, and remote work policies. The goal is to secure data without relying on the network perimeter.

Zero Trust is the emergent framework being rolled out by governments and enterprises to secure sensitive data while facilitating remote access. Our white paper explores:

  • How Zero Trust answers modern cybersecurity challenges
  • Origin, development, and adoption of Zero Trust
  • The tenants and “7 Pillars of Zero Trust”
  • FileCloud’s Zero Trust solution
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