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By providing options to record every action with What, When, Who and How attributes,  FileCloud gives customers the best possible audit data to satisfy any type of compliance. 

Simple Interface

Admin dashboard has ‘Audit’ option to view the following granular data. Admin easily filter and select level of granularity using Admin portal

  • What: Details on an action that was performed. example, a directory was accessed by a user.
  • When: Time stamp is recorded for every action.
  • Who: Name of the user, who performed the action. Also, FileCloud provides options to even look at IP address from where files were accessed.
  • How: Details on the device (web, mobile, drive)/client that was used to perform the action.

HIPAA compliance

The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Title II defines the guidelines and procedures for maintaining the privacy and security of individually identifiable health information. Ever since the act was enforced, it is mandatory for organizations in the healthcare industry to follow such standards.

In short, the HIPAA sets the standards for protecting sensitive patient data. Although employees within an organization have the ability to access and work on the files present in the network, HIPAA requires that organization provides an audit control to record and examine user activity. HIPAA also requires that data is encrypted and stored.

FileCloud helps organizations in complying with guidelines set by HIPAA automatically. FileCloud monitors and stores every action that is performed by the users.


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