Secure, On-Premise Business File Sharing Customer Case Study – Call Design


Call Design, an international firm with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Manila, Hong Kong, and the United States specializes in software software solutions for the optimization of workforce development and performance management, as well as providing consulting, training and support to global organizations. With a staff of 70, Call Design works with call centers, back office departments, retail environments and branches to right size improvements in workforce development and productivity, by ensuring the right people, with the right skills are involved at the right time, resulting in a superior customer experience.


While at customer sites and remote locations, Call Design employees needed to access the most recent version of working documents stored on the company’s network. Document collaboration was critical to ensure data was current, by allowing employees to provide updates and changes in real time. However, access to the corporate LAN via a VPN was less than desirable. An easier connectivity option, with secure data access was deemed a necessity


After reviewing alternatives, including Dropbox, Call Design selected FileCloud by Tonido. FileCloud offers an on-premise file storage, cloud, mobile access and sync solution for enterprise class organizations, universities, schools, Internet Service and Hosting Providers. FileCloud provides the ability for organizations to securely access, share and synchronize information regardless of an end user’s location, requiring just Internet access. Secure access to corporate network shares is seamlessly made available to mobile or web users. Because of FileCloud’s scalability, large enterprise can feel confident that data growth challenges are eliminated as high volume NAS/SAN, Amazon S3, Openstack or any object based storage is supported, including data requiring Petabytes capacity.


  • Secure Access for employees within the corporate network for data integrity
  • Data backup ensuring protection of company intellectual content
  • Version control so that all documents and stored data is accurate and current
  • Keep control of data within the corporate cloud versus outsourced cloud data center
  • FileCloud customers save over savings of over 70% against competitor solutions