Egnyte Alternative | Why FileCloud is Best for File Sharing?

FileCloud competes with Egnyte for business in the Enterprise File Sync and Share space. Both systems works across all the popular desktop OSes (Windows, Mac and Linux) and mobile OSes (iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone) and offer all the basics expected out of EFSS: Unlimited File Versioning, Remote Wipe, Audit Logs, Desktop Sync Client, Desktop Map Drive and User Management etc. However, there are considerable advantages in FileCloud, when you want a complete enterprise solution. Here is a simple feature comparison between the two products:

Features egnyte-large
On Premise
File Sharing
Access and Monitoring Controls
Secure Access
Mobile OS compatibility
Cross Platform
Document Preview
Outlook Integration
Role Based Administration
NTFS Support
Network Share Support
Desktop Sync – Cross Platform(Windows, Mac, Linux)
Endpoint Backup
Amazon S3/OpenStack Support
Supported Local Storage Free Upgrade
Customization, Branding Free Upgrade
Active Directory Support Free Upgrade
Mobile Device Management Free Upgrade
Max File Size Unlimited 10GB with an Upgrade
Storage Limitation Unlimited 1-3 TB based on plan
Audit Reports Free $900 ($75/Month)
Storage Sync Free $720 ($60/Month)
Pricing for 25 users/ year $1200 $6120

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Feature benefits of FileCloud over Egnyte

Network Folders/Share/Sync: FileCloud provides instant anywhere access to organizational data without changing your IT infrastructure, without moving your data, and without reconfiguring permissions. In essence, preserve the existing NTFS permissions with Active directory. Moreover, share or sync your network folders as one’s home directory.

Amazon S3/OpenStack Support: Enterprise wanting to use Amazon S3 or OpenStack storage can easily set it up with Tonido FileCloud. This feature not only provides enterprise with flexibility to switch storage but also make switch very easily.

Endpoint Backup: FileCloud provides ability to backup user data from any computer running Windows, Mac or Linux to FileCloud. Users can schedule a backup and FileCloud automatically backs up the selected folders on the scheduled time.

On Premise: FileCloud is a pure private EFSS solution that will run inside enterprise’s own infrastructure. And, enterprises can have complete control over their  data.


  • Egnyte:
    Enterprises need to buy add-on or upgrade to satisfy basic requirements such as handling larger files and accessing Red files. For a 50 user package, the cost adds up to around $9000/year.
  • FileCloud:
    Enterprises get one simple solution with all features bundled. For the same 50 user package, with more features the cost is $2200/year, almost 1/4th of Egnyte.

From outside looking-in, the offerings all look similar. However, the approach to the solution is completely different in satisfying enterprises primary need of easy access to their files without compromising privacy, security and control.
Some fundamental areas of difference:

Privacy and Security


Enterprises need to classify their files into 3 categories to determine the degree of security needed. The categories are as follows:

  • Green Files: Small files that enterprises are comfortable storing and working within the cloud. Enterprises are expected to upload their green files to Egnyte’s cloud server.
  • Yellow Files: Bulky files that enterprises want to store in the cloud, but would rather access from the local storage device. Enterprises need to pay more for larger file sizes or have a limitation on using Egnyte’s solution.
  • Red Files: Sensitive files that enterprises never want to transfer to the cloud such as financial data and documents subjected to privacy regulation like HIPAA. Enterprises need to buy Storage Connect, an add-on product that allows direct access to files stored on-premise storage system.


  • Enterprises doesn’t need to categorize their files. All files get the utmost security, privacy and control. The Egnyte alternative, FileCloud is color blind to files and provides security, privacy and complete control in its purest form.
  • Simple to deploy and simple to use.

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FileCloud hands down beats Egnyte in feature sets and pricing.

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