FileCloud Tip – File change notification

When sensitive business data gets in wrong hands, it can cause irreparable damage to your business reputation and key operations. Shouldn’t you be informed when someone downloads a file that has sensitive information? or when a client uploads a file to time-sensitive project folder? or when files are deleted from a business critical shared folder?

FileCloud has unique capabilities to monitor actions on folders and files. Identifying business critical data and monitoring activities on those data assets is a critical part of data governance. Here are the steps and details how you can set up email notifications in FileCloud.

Filechange email

Using the FileCloud, you can easily monitor files to check whether it has been downloaded, created, renamed, modified or even deleted from a specified folder. FileCloud automatically sends information (summary) about the changes to a user-specified email address. Here is an example:

filechange email

Enabling File change notification

Your FileCloud administrator must enable ‘File Change Notification’ feature for you to configure the notifications. File Change Notifications all enabled by default for all users and all folders.

Enable file change notification

All file change notifications are consolidated and emails are are sent by FileCloud at regular notification frequency (15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day etc) as set by your FileCloud administrator.

Once enables, users can configure the FileCloud application for monitoring  or disable notifications  on a specific folder.

Disabling File change notification for specific folder/file

Email notifications can be disabled by both administrator and user. Users can selectively disable notification for a specific folder and its sub-folders through the FileCloud User Interface. Here is a screenshot that explains how to disable notification.




We recommend you include FileCloud email notifications as part of your data governance plan for better monitoring and data security. For additional information reach us at

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