Alternative to Varonis Datanywhere – Why FileCloud is better for Business File Sharing?


Varonis DatAnywhere will enter end of life (EOL) in February 2020. For existing users of DatAnywhere, this means no further product development and limited future support from Varonis. That’s not great! Luckily for users, it’s quick and easy to move to FileCloud, a similar file-sharing solution that offers greater security, more features and better support.

Here’s how you can migrate your data from Varonis DatAnywhere to FileCloud. This Varonis Datanywhere Migration whitepaper may also come in handy.

FileCloud and Varonis Datanywhere are both Enterprise File Share and Sync solutions (EFSS). What makes an ideal EFSS system to you? We think that the best EFSS solutions should work across all the popular desktop OSes (Windows, Mac and Linux) and offer native mobile applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. But of course, the most important aspect of a superior solution: features that help you streamline your team’s workflows, such as Unlimited File Versioning, Remote Wipe, Audit Logs, Desktop Sync Client, Desktop Map Drive and User Management.

If that all sounds about right to you, let’s run through a feature comparison list to show FileCloud is a better alternative to Varonis Datanywhere for business file sharing.

The feature comparisons are as follows:

Features Varonis Datanywhere
On Premise
File Sharing
Access and Monitoring Controls
Secure Access
Document Preview
Document Edit
Outlook Integration
Role Based Administration
Data Loss Prevention
Endpoint Backup
Amazon S3/OpenStack Support
Public File Sharing
Customization, Branding
SAML Integration
NTFS Support
Active Directory/LDAP Support
API Support
Application Integration via API
Large File Support
Network Share Support
Mobile Device Management
Desktop Sync Windows, Mac, Linux Windows, Mac, Linux
Native Mobile Apps iOS, Android, Windows Phone iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Encryption at Rest
Two-Factor Authentication
File Locking
Pricing for 750 users/ year ~$5,000 ~$5,200

Our approach to enterprise file-sharing and sync solutions soars far above our competitors’, in satisfying your enterprise’s needs — easy and quick access to your files without compromising privacy, security and control. Still not convinced? Read on for more detail about these fundamental areas of difference:

Feature benefits of FileCloud over Varonis Dataanywhere

Document Quick Edit – FileCloud’s Quick Edit feature supports the extensive editing of files such as Microsoft® Word, Excel®, Publisher®, Project® and PowerPoint® — directly from your personal devices. Simply select a document to edit from FileCloud Web UI, edit the document using Microsoft Office, save and let FileCloud take care of the rest: uploading the new file version to FileCloud, syncing to your servers, sending notifications, sharing updates with your team, and the like.

Embedded File Upload Website Form – FileCloud’s Embedded File Upload Website Form feature lets you embed a small FileCloud interface onto any website, blog, social networking service, intranet, or any public URL that supports HTML embed code. Using the Embedded File Upload Website Form, you can easily allow file uploads to a specific folder within your account. This File-Drop Box lets your customers or associates send any type of file without the hassle of logging in or creating an account.

Unified Device Management Console – FileCloud’s unified device-management console provides simplified control over devices that can access enterprise data, regardless of device ownership, mobile platform or device type. Manage and control the permissions of thousands of iOS and Android devices in FileCloud’s secure, browser-based dashboard. FileCloud’s administrator console is intuitive and easy to pick up. FileCloud’s MDM works on any vendor’s network — even if the managed devices are on the road, at a café, or used at home.

Device Commands and Messaging – Ability to send on-demand messages to any device connecting to FileCloud, provides administrators a powerful tool to interact with the enterprise workforce. Any information on security threats or access violations can be easily conveyed to the mobile users. Plus, all messages are sent without any SMS cost!

Amazon S3/OpenStack Support Enterprises wanting to use Amazon S3 or OpenStack storage can easily set it up with FileCloud. This feature not only provides your enterprise with the flexibility to switch storages, but also makes the process of switching extremely easy.

SAMLFileCloud supports a SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) based web browser Single Sign On (SSO) service. This provides full control over the authorization and authentication of hosted user accounts that can access your FileCloud web interface.

Multi-Tenancy Support – Managed service providers (MSPs) can use a single instance of FileCloud to serve numerous customers. The key value of FileCloud multi-tenant architecture is that while providing multi-tenancy, the data separation among different tenants is also maintained. Moreover, each tenant enjoys the flexibility of customized branding as data separation remains intact.

Endpoint Backup: FileCloud provides the ability to backup user data from any computer running Windows, Mac or Linux to FileCloud. You or your team can set up scheduled backups so that FileCloud automatically and regularly backs up selected data.


At half the price of Varonis Datanywhere, FileCloud offers more features and more value — allowing your enterprise to maximize productivity while minimizing costs. Every good enterprise needs a great file-sharing solution. Let us be yours.

Here’s a comprehensive comparison that shows why FileCloud stands out as the best EFSS solution.

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