FileCloud v13.0 Launch: “It Takes a Village”

August 30, 2016

It takes a village to raise a child. This famous African proverb also applies to software development. To develop great software, organizations need a team of talented developers who work with passion. The development team must work alongside UX designers with a great eye for detail, an outstanding quality assurance team, a product management team […]

It takes a village to raise a child.

This famous African proverb also applies to software development. To develop great software, organizations need a team of talented developers who work with passion. The development team must work alongside UX designers with a great eye for detail, an outstanding quality assurance team, a product management team that has a fanatical focus on delivering real value, and, most of all, a loyal customer base with whom the software team can collaborate. Innovation and cutting edge products are not developed in a vacuum. It takes constant iteration, refinement, and on-going discussion with customers that provide valuable insight.

With FileCloud v13.0, customers are able to see how the various iterations of our solution have come together. We have worked with many of the largest (and smallest) organizations in the world and listened to their changing needs. The collaboration makes us especially proud of our latest release.


FileCloud v13 Launch

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our team for their incredible hard work, and to our outstanding customers for their feedback and support.

Industry’s First Robust Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is probably the number one security threat faced by enterprises today. It is a specific type of malware that encrypts valuable digital files and removes originals forcing the enterprise to pay to get the key. The victims of ransomware range from hospitals, schools, state and local governments, police departments and small to large businesses. According to computer security firm Malwarebytes, nearly 40 percent of all businesses experienced a malware attack since 2015.

Public SaaS products such as Dropbox, Office 365, and Google Drive are particularly vulnerable. Public SaaS also provide an attack vectors into end user computers by spoofing email messages and deliver the malware payload.

With FileCloud 13, we are launching the industry’s first file content heuristic engine for EFSS to find and protect your enterprise files from ransomware attacks. It is a remarkable engineering feat, and we are very proud of the real value it can bring to your enterprise data protection. More than ever, your files need it.

FileCloud v13 is the only EFSS solution in the marketplace that has built-in powerful ransomware protection. With the combination of file content heuristic engine, unlimited file versioning and custom email templates/ UI branding we employ a multi-thronged approach to combat the ransomware threat.

You can read more about FileCloud content heuristic engine, and how it protects your files from ransomware here.

Powerful Workflow Automation

With FileCloud v13, we are launching workflow automation on top of FileCloud platform. Using FileCloud workflow customers can automate critical business processes in their organization, and can make better information-driven decisions to ensure maximum productivity. Customers can setup simple conditions, which are triggered by operations in FileCloud v13 such as when a file is created, or when a file is updated. A variety of actions (i.e. send email, block a device, and archive a file) can be set to run when the condition is triggered.

FileCloud v13 workflow automation

The workflow follows a simple IFTTT ("IF CONDITION" - "THEN ACTION") model. Some of the possible workflows are,

  1. Archive (Move/Copy) files if they are not accessed for x number of dates.
  2. Send an alert to admin if our content heuristic engine identifies a file MIME mismatch.
  3. Disable a user if he has not accessed FileCloud for x number of dates.
  4. Notify users if a file is updated or a comment is added to file or folder.

You can read about FileCloud's Workflow automation capabilities here.

Granular Folder Permissions

Setting up a folder share with appropriate security permissions for a group of users is one of the most challenging tasks in managing enterprise information. Many enterprise file share and sync solutions do not address this important requirement adequately.

granular folder permissions

With FileCloud v13, we bring versatile, granular folder permissions to mimic any kind of file share, and permissions hierarchy. Different organizations have different security needs when it comes to securing group folder shares. FileCloud granular folder permission model allows organizations to manage access permissions at any folder and subfolder level. Administrators can ensure appropriate level of access for every user, by assigning individual folder level permissions. FileCloud’s granular folder permission model mirrors the NTFS file permissions model used by many enterprise admins. You can read more about FileCloud granular folder permissions here.

Versatile File Storage Connectors

Our goal is to make FileCloud an one stop destination to manage (connect, aggregate/index, protect and present) all your unstructured data independent of where it is stored (network shares, cloud storage services like S3, Google Drive, SharePoint or other Enterprise Content Management platforms). With FileCloud v13, we are launching a file storage connector for Amazon s3. We will be adding more File storage connectors for SharePoint and other ECM products in the future FileCloud releases. You can read about amazon s3 based network folders here.

File Connector

Desktop SSO

We have provided SAML based single sign-on for web browser access in FileCloud but many large enterprises, research organizations and federal institutions that deal with highly sensitive data expect single sign on for desktop apps as well (FileCloud Sync and FileCloud Drive). With FileCloud v13, we are supporting SAML based Desktop SSO using a device authentication code.

filecloud desktop SSO


File Browser App

File Browser App


With FileCloud v13, we are launching a native File Browser as part of our sync client to remotely browse the cloud space. It supports the following operations: upload folders and files, drag/drop files, create folders, quick edit, locking/unlocking and other functions that you typically see in a remote WebDAV or FTP client.  File Browser app doesn’t store files offline and take any storage space on the local computer. It solves a critical pain point for many customers who want to sync only a subset of files locally but still want the ability to quickly access all the files on the server when needed.

Other Major Features

FileCloud v13 also comes with the following major features:

We have also made performance improvements to our sync, drive clients, numerous UI improvements, bug fixes and security updates. You can find the complete release notes here.

FileCloud Future Roadmap

Every great software needs a worthy problem

We live in an Information age where the real competitive advantage of a company centers on the how efficient it can manage the information it owns. Whether you are a small business with 10 employees or an enterprise with thousands of employees, the growth in the amount of unstructured data is staggering.  IDC and EMC project that data will grow to 40 zettabytes by 2020, resulting in a 50-fold growth from the beginning of 2010. According to Computerworld, unstructured information will account for more than 70-to-80 percent of all data in organizations.  It doesn’t matter whether you are an information company or a manufacturing company, success will depend, in large part, on how well the organizations protect, and share information.

growth in unstructured data

That’s the problem we want solve better than everyone else.

What to expect from us in future?

We are just getting started! So far with FileCloud we have built a basic foundation to sync, share, and backup your enterprise files. The reality is that the EFSS market is a much smaller subset of the total enterprise information management market space. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that the right person has access to the right content at the right time from the right place.

To achieve our ultimate goal, we will be focusing on the following items in our roadmap:

  1. Storage connectors to ECM (SharePoint and others) and other cloud storage products (Dropbox, Google Drive). Increasingly enterprise content is stored on a variety of services and applications. We want to provide one simple interface for accessing all of your data while making it easy for system admins to manage and protect the data stored in these different services.
  2. File/Share analytics: Users are creating and storing unstructured content more than ever, with data volumes increasing by nearly 40% per year. To protect and manage this data first one needs to understand what data they have (Data Inventory & Data Awareness). We will be offering detailed file and share analytics across all your storage targets.
  3. Data intelligence: We will be looking at machine learning to classify (tagging) documents and improve our search capabilities across all your storage targets. We want to unearth and surface relevant content when and where you need it.
  4. Improve UX: We will be improving the end user experience across all our endpoint apps (especially mobile) and the web.

Collaboration and conversation around documents: We will bring web editing/collaboration of documents using Microsoft Office Online and Libre Office cloud suite. Further, we will be augmenting our comments interface to support conversation around documents. This will make the document review process so efficient that “to and from” email will be obsolete.

About FileCloud

FileCloud continues to grow and we are working to hire the best for our engineering, tech support and QA teams. Our organization guarantees that you will always get the support you need from us to be successful in your business.

Currently, FileCloud is used by Fortune 500 companies; Global 2000 firms; city, state and federal institutions; world-class universities; and renowned science and research organizations such as NASA. FileCloud is deployed in over 90 countries. We also work with more than 100 VARs and managed service providers across the world.


By Team FileCloud