Canadian City Consolidates & Streamlines File Sharing – Customer Case Study

File Sharing for Cities

Canadian City Consolidates & Streamlines File Sharing with FileCloud  

Managing the day to day operations of a sizable city can be an ongoing challenge. The City tries its best to manage both smooth and secure operational efficiency, however, with the number of employees and users, it can be a daunting task. With many stakeholders within each department, and at external partners, an easy to use, efficient and traceable file sharing system is important. And now, with the amount of digital information moving between people, it is more important than ever.  

Where is that document? Streamlined File Sharing 

As the digitization of files and documents continues to increase, the sharing and management of these documents and photos is becoming more and more challenging. The City’s file sharing system had become a collection of individual solutions cobbled together in an effort to meet the increasing needs of moving and sharing information. The challenge the City faced was that different users were using different methods leaving large gaps in consistency, security and traceability. With some employees using FTP, some sending files via email, some sharing internally with USB drives and some using personal file sharing accounts, documents and information were everywhere.  

The City was facing significant risks associated with its file handing and sharing processes that needed to be addressed. Issues such as: 

  • Security risk – viruses and malware can propagate quickly using FTP and email while personal file sharing accounts left the City open to hacking risk. 
  • Missing files – because there were so many methods to share files being used throughout the City, with no central file location, it was very easy for files to go missing. A USB drive gets lost, an email gets deleted, or a personal file sharing account gets closed and important files are lost 
  • Version control and accountability – with files being shared so many different ways, it was virtually impossible to know which was the current version, who had made changes and who they had been shared with 

Time to Modernize, Streamline and Secure File Sharing Processes 

As the City continued to grow, it was encountering more and more issues associated with its file sharing and maintenance processes. It was time to find a secure file sharing solution that helped them to maintain a central repository for important city documents, increase accountability and tracking while addressing the ever increasing sizes of files being shared.  

The City needed to improve its overall file security and compliance and it needed to do it quickly.   

Managing User Needs 

Nearly every department had its own requirements when searching for a new system. The City’s IT team needed to find a solution that would address them all. Their solution needed to: 

  • Be easy to use for all users 
  • Provide security levels appropriate for government compliance 
  • Allow for the sharing of large file sizes 
  • Be able to track file sharing and version history 
  • Offer a mobile solution to allow for file sharing and sync from the field 

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