Real Estate Developers Secure Data Sharing – Customer Case Study

Real estate developer secures & streamlines file sharing with FileCloud  

Managing the day to day activities of a commercial real estate developer can be a challenge.  

One of the country’s largest commercial and industrial real estate developers, Belz, manages large projects across the South and entire country. They develop and manage warehouses, retail locations, offices, outlet malls, residential, land and hotels with more than 20 million square feet of developed property.  

Belz, with 20 years worth of contracts, property photos and associated files, has mountains of sensitive data that needs to be both stored and shared securely.  

Streamlined secure data sharing FileCloud is the answer 

As their business continues to grow, Belz stores and shares a massive amount of data that also continues to grow. Managing these documents dating back over 20 years is becoming more and more challenging.  

The company had been using a cloudbased secure data sharing alternative while trying to maintain a local file server. This led to continuous duplication of work ensuring that files were updated in both locations while leaving sensitive information potentially exposed in the cloud.  

Belz was facing significant issues stemming from its file handing and sharing solution. Issues such as: 

  • Security risks – with security for sensitive data being a major concern, finding a self-hosted on premises solution was mandatory. 
  • Duplication and Tracking – with files being stored both in the cloud and on a local server, it was difficult and time consuming to maintain data integrity.  
  • Complicated maintenance  challenges stemmed from a counter-intuitive user interface combined with laborious updates causing ongoing adoption and maintenance headaches 

Modernizing secure file sharing  

As things became more challenging with their existing solution, Belz was encountering more and more issues, both administrative and user relatedBetween the challenging user interface, duplication of data and difficult updates, it was time to find a more streamlined, modern solution.  

Based on their current solution, Belz realized that what they needed was an easy to use platform to ensure quick adoption, a self-hosted on premises solution to ensure data integrity and security, and a company with top shelf customer service.  

What they needed was FileCloud. 

Managing user needs 

Both users and administrators at Belz had their own requirements while searching for a new secure data sharing solution. The IT team needed to find a solution that would address them all. Their solution needed to: 

  • Be user friendly  
  • Provide self-hosted on premises option for security  
  • Allow large files to be shared and store 
  • Offer a mobile solution to allow for file sharing and sync from the field 

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