Dropbox VS FileCloud Online – Why More Customers are Switching to FileCloud Online


In recent times, we have seen many businesses switching to FileCloud Online from Dropbox. We have asked our customers to explain to us the reason(s) why they migrated away from Dropbox to FileCloud Online. Here are some of the reasons in verbatim,

Control – With Dropbox, we couldn’t create a required file system structure. The content our team generates is valuable, and often it would get stored in places that made it hard to find or manage. With FileCloud, we’ve set up a structure that appears the same to everyone, and that individuals cannot change to be different locally.

Transparency – With Dropbox, we ultimately owned all the files our users put in Dropbox, but the only way we could access or see those files was to remove the user from Dropbox, at which point it transferred the files to the admin. With FileCloud, we can administratively access those files, and see what users are sharing.

Customization – With Dropbox, we could not customize the background or login page to showcase our business brand to our customers and partners. FileCloud offers extensive customization options to customize the background and broadcast our brand.

Cost -Dropbox costs 240$ per user per year vs FileCloud Online – which only costs 120$ per user per year. For 100 users, we could save over 12,000$ per year!