FileCloud Aurora – All About Single-Click Actions

November 19, 2020

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FileCloud Aurora - All About Single-Click Actions
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FileCloud Aurora Single Click Actions


In November 2020, FileCloud released update 20.2 - a complete rehaul of our Sync, Mobile and browser UI and functionalities. We at FileCloud have been working on this for a very, very long time, and so we're incredibly proud to present to you: FileCloud Aurora.

Today, we're going to be covering one of the most important functionality additions to our new UI: Single-Click Actions.

For a comprehensive overview of all of FileCloud Aurora's new features, please visit our previous blog post Introducing FileCloud Aurora! Brand New UI and DRM Capabilities!.

What Are Single-Click Actions?

We’re all about helping you and your team save time. FileCloud Aurora brings workflow efficiency to the next level with tons of quality of life updates that help you work fast. One of these is the introduction of single-click, or quick, actions.

What does this mean? Well, you might have noticed that when you hover over any file or folder in your library, a toolbar appears on the item. It might look something like this:

Single-Click Actions

These icons represent all of the most commonly-used actions that you could ever need to take with your files. Hover over each icon to see what they do, or read on for a more in-depth explanation for each one.

List of Single-Click Actions



The first icon, which looks like an eye, is the Preview action. It lets you preview your files, folders and documents. As FileCloud Aurora integrates fully with Microsoft Office and many other file extensions, you'll be able to open and preview all of your files without actually needing to download them.



The second icon, which looks like a downwards-pointing arrow is the Download action. It lets you download whichever file, folder or document you're hovering over in one simple, quick click.


Web Edit

Open in Office Online

The third icon, which looks like a pencil, is the Edit action. Depending on your file type, you may be able to edit it directly in the browser or open the file in Office Online. Some files, of course, cannot be edited, such as video or audio files.

You may have noticed that at the end of each hover description, there are different keys in square brackets - for instance, [Enter] for the Preview icon. These are keyboard shortcuts, and are covered in our All About Keyboard Shortcuts blog post!


Share Icon

The fourth icon, which looks like three dots connected to each other, is the Share action. Clicking it will open the following window:

Share Link

You'll be able to copy the share link of your file, change sharing options, and remove the share from there on.

Direct Link

Direct Link Icon

Next up is Direct Link, which looks like a hyperlink icon. This opens up the following window:

Direct Link

-Where you can copy a direct link to your file, maximizing efficiency when sharing files with your team.


Copy Icon

This is the Copy quick-action, which looks like two squares overlapped over each other. Clicking this will open a window where you can select where to make a copy of the file.



This is the Move quick-action, which looks like an arrow. Clicking this will open a window where you can select where to move the file to.



Next up is the Delete quick action, which looks like a trash can. This is pretty self-explanatory -- clicking this will delete the file in question.


Lock Icon

Last but certainly not least is the Lock option, which looks like a, well, lock icon. This opens up the following window:

Lock Selected File Screen Preview

That lets you lock a file to indicate that you're working on it. That way, your team won't be able to modify the file and override your changes, or vice versa.


Gone are the days of tedious right-clicking and dragging stuff around. Need to copy or download something? Just hit the corresponding button! Need to move something to another folder? Before you start dragging it all over your screen, just hit the single-click action for it and a window will open for you to choose your destination folder.

It might seem like a subtle change, but when your team is shaving seconds off every file action, it all adds up to save you and your team tons of time. Thanks for tuning in, and we hope that you're enjoying our FileCloud 20.2 Update: FileCloud Aurora!
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