Broadband-Testing’s Comprehensive Report on FileCloud

In an increasingly online world, data is one of the most valuable aspects of any company. Many industries such as government, legal, healthcare, finance, and others have realized the importance of being able to control and protect that data.

Enterprises need a secure, easy way to share and store files more than they ever have before. In addition, enterprises need a way to govern their stored and shared data according to compliance regulations.

FileCloud aims to provide a hyper-secure, on-premises solution (though it has options for online and hybrid as well) that still has the ease-of-use, collaboration, and sharing tools available with most cloud-based solutions.

Broadband-Testing—an independent third-party reviewer of technology services—recently completed a comprehensive review of FileCloud to see if it could provide the protection, security, and ease of use that enterprises need in a content collaboration tool.

Below you’ll find some of highlights of Broadband-Testing’s assessment. To access the complete report with all the details, download the report here.

Broadband-Testing’s Findings on FileCloud

FileCloud’s focus is to provide the elements needed for enterprises, including:

  • Extensive security options like Smart DLP and DRM
  • Workflow automation
  • Data classification options

The below graphic goes over FileCloud’s content model and shows how content/data is protected and controlled under the many layers of FileCloud’s system like metadata, access control, compliance, and more.

Ease of Deployment

Broadband-Testing found that FileCloud has a “‘cloud-like’ ease of deployment” where the basics of the system are set up within minutes. Other factors that add to the ease of deployment include:

  • Windows/Linux platforms support
  • Mobile endpoints for Android and iOS
  • Manageable from a single GUI
  • Alerts sent to admin as soon as platform is used
  • Setup checklist in admin dashboard

Migrating Data

FileCloud does not require all content to be migrated at the same time. It also supports Active Directory (AD) integration and standard network share paths.

Endpoint User and FileCloud

Broadband-Testing says the user experience is familiar and simple, making it easy for users to access their content. Activity summaries can be seen on the user’s dashboard, and FileCloud can be downloaded directly to employees’ phones, so content is always at their fingertips.

Security and Data Retention

FileCloud keeps data secure and easy to access. Broadband-Testing explored FileCloud’s lifecycle data approach that ensures data is stored and governed properly. Since data is always being added or content strategies/compliance changed, admins need the ability to track and handle data properly.

FileCloud provides this data lifecycle management with tools like:

  • Data retention policies (with a defined policy that stays in effect)
  • DLP rule-based management to prevent and control data leaks
  • Archiving via retention policies that define when content can be stored/deleted/changed and constant monitoring for content changes.

Broadband-Testing then stated, “No less a body than Gartner made the point that FileCloud’s only real competition is a do-it-yourself approach, manually gathering together and integrating the many and various components that the FileCloud platform consists of.”

Access Control

Broadband-Testing found that both users and admins have very flexible access controls over files that ensures access feels as easy as public cloud sharing, backed by the security of the enterprise’s own firewall.

The Importance of Metadata

Metadata provides extra info about files/folders and admins using FileCloud can use already-created metadata sets (or customized sets admins create themselves) and create permissions based on the metadata attached to files/folders. This can automate file tagging and help apply retention policies (in conjunction with FileCloud’s Smart Classification system).

The Broadband-Testing report gives this example:

“…an invoice – say in PDF format – has been tagged to search on the word “hardware”, which has been added to the metadata. The system could then automatically identify that invoice as a hardware invoice for classification purposes… From a human search perspective, it could literally save hours or even days of manual effort, often in a scenario where time is precious and the inability to track that content down expensive.”

Proactive Compliance and DRM

Broadband-Testing found that compliance was handled in a preventative way within FileCloud, with alerts for the admin that show if a file/folder is not compliant.

In the same way, digital rights management or DRM can be managed before files/folders are shared with an integrated DRM viewer and options like control over document views (including only allowing part of a file to be viewed).

Other Voices – Gartner Peer Insights

Broadband-Testing also reviewed what the Gartner Peer Insights Customer survey thought about their experience with FileCloud. You can read more in the report, but some of these insights were that FileCloud was, “The Best Cloud-Based Substitute Solution For Data Sharing And Collaboration” and an “Efficient Content Collaboration Tool”.

Use Cases for Data Residency and Access to Existing Enterprise Content

Broadband-Testing found that FileCloud’s On-Prem solution addressed the worry over data residency by giving total control over data to enterprises.

“FileCloud’s approach is a multi-layered and fully interconnected…It provides secure file and document sharing and completely controlled – and secure – team collaboration… all in a single system, fully secured and managed OnPrem, but with the flexibility of a cloud-based solution.”

FileCloud also solves the issue of moving huge amounts of data into the platform, with full integration for files, shares, and storage.

Shares can also be extended to:

  • Amazon S3 bucket
  • Azure blog storage

Broadband-Testing’s Conclusion about FileCloud

Broadband-Testing found that FileCloud provides, “a secure, ultra-flexible and ultra-comprehensive Enterprise-level OnPrem solution for file and content storage and management.”

To read Broadband-Testing’s detailed report and view their FileCloud user and admin experiences, click here.