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Cloud data protection best practices

Data Security

FileCloud provides hyper-secure content collaboration platform for easy external file sharing while maintaining high security for files at rest and in transit. Data governance and retention safeguards files and control data usage based on pre-defined rules.

Regulatory Compliance

FileCloud is compliance ready for enterprises and supports HIPAA, FINRA, FIPS 140-2, GDPR, ITAR, CMMC and much more. It has a smart DLP that prevents data leaks in real-time and can save enterprises from huge compliance fines and offers 360* protection to users.

Efficient Content Management

FileCloud along with utmost security aids with better and effective management of your data. Smart content classification and metadata helps you to discover files faster. You can find PII, PHI and PCI, and other sensitive content quickly.

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Cloud Data Security With FileCloud

Authentication and Authorization

There are different ways FileCloud provides user authentication and authorization. Single Sign-On (SSO) is enabled for user authentication. MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) is enabled for authentication. RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) authorization for user authorization purposes while sharing files in the FileCloud.

You can use multiple identity providers (IDPs) when using FileCloud for authentication. MFA is enabled for more authentication protection capabilities. This allows the user to add additional steps for their account authentication in FileCloud. When authorizing users, there can be scenarios where admins are able to categorize users into groups. These groups can consist of multiple users and can be assigned to roles. There can be policies for these groups where admins can define them for additional security purposes. You can use file and sub-folder level permissions to go into granular permission handling.

Encryption at Rest and in Transit and Powerful Rest APIs

Powerful REST APIs are provided with FileCloud for application customization and connecting more applications and features with FileCloud. When these applications are connected and sharing files, you can ensure data protection as FileCloud endures secured data transferring and storing. FileCloud enables the FIPS -140 based secure portal-based file sharing. This FIPS -140 is validated by the National Institute of Standard and Technology as a high-security standard.

Data Protection of Documents Against Leakage and Piracy

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is another feature that helps protect data enabled by FileCloud. This helps an organization in many ways, such as taking screenshots, copying, printing, and unauthorized sharing. The administrator or the file’s sender can revoke any access instantly and restrict access at any time accordingly. There is a capability to set maximum access counts as well by the sender. There is a way that FileCloud allows you to protect your data by exporting multiple documents within an encrypted document container. FileCloud DRM is secured by high-security encryption mechanisms like AES 256 encryption. This ensures maximum data protection by requesting that the recipient of the file possessing a key access the relevant file.

How to Achieve Data Protection in the Cloud with FileCloud when Sharing Files?

Cloud data protection is one of the most crucial considerations for any business continuity and disaster recovery strategy. The industry’s well-known CIA triad consists of main security principles. Enterprises famously use this model to enforce necessary security controls and policies. This help identifies critical problem areas and the necessary solutions to resolve these issues. FileCloud provides many aspects to protecting data in the cloud. CIA triad talks about Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. Disclosure, alteration, and destruction are the opposite of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

It is very important that we stop disclosure, alteration, and destruction when you install a file-sharing solution. Let’s discuss data security in file sharing and management in the following aspects that allow the user to protect the file content on the cloud.

Prevent Data Leaks and Control User Actions for Confidentiality

When protecting data in the cloud, it is vital that accidental data leaks are managed. Accidental data leaks can occur by the end users, and FileCloud provides you with simple and flexible methods to prevent accidental data leaks. With this DLP system, you can define rules, securing your organization from compliance issues and unnecessary data leaks. When we talk about the data compliance, FileCloud helps HIPAA, ITAR, GDPR/CCPA, and other latest compliance standards.

Smart DLP helps the organization prevent data leaks by preventing user actions such as sharing, logging, and downloading. Also, this allows the controlling of user actions by the relevant IP rage, email domain, folder path, document metadata, user group, and user access agents. These rule violations captured by the DLP system are done in real time by evaluating the rules and keeping the relevant logs of violations. This logging will help the future reporting and auditing of the FileCloud system.

User Authorization for Confidentiality

User Authorization is another vital aspect of data protection in the cloud. FileCloud has the ability to manage user authorization with the concept called role-based access control (RBAC) mechanism. A user can be authorized for the documents and folders based on the user group and the user role. The administrator of the system is able to define these user roles and groups, and users are assigned to those accordingly. You can have different user roles with different user permissions and achieve granular level permissions by folder and subfolder level access management.

Integrity with File Analytics and Reports

File analytics and reports are other vital features to have with data protection in the cloud. You can get relevant insights into your business and collaboration model with this. There are many things you can understand by going through these reports, such as system usage and file usage, user access by geographical area, and the mixture of the content you have. The application of rules and policies, such as DLP policies and compliance policies, can be altered by analyzing the vital information shared by the system reports.

Availability with Data Backup

To prevent data loss, FileCloud offers a “Backup Server” capability. This will back up your entire FileCloud installation, including all the files, user data, and all the settings in the FileCloud. This feature offers full or incremental backups and also scheduled backups. In case of any failure, you can restore the entire FileCloud installation. Also, the specialty of this backup method is that you are not vendor locked into FileCloud. You can export the files to a standard file structure. Data backup is crucial in HIPPA-compliant cloud storage, as losing patient data is not an option.

Auditing and Reporting

Auditing and reporting
capability with FileCloud gives you more data protection as insights will tell you which rules needs to be applied.

Data Recovery

FileCloud recycle bin can restore any accidentally or intentionally deleted files by using the recycle bin feature.

Preventing Data Leaks

To prevent data leaks, DRM can prevent downloading, printing and copying, and pasting any file or folder content.

Remote Wipe

Remote Wipe enables you to block any unnecessary devices remotely to prevent unauthorized access.

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Cloud Data Protection

FileCloud ensures that all the important and confidential data of your business is stored safely on this platform. It mitigates all the cloud storage security issues. All the security features with proper management and unlimited storage are provided at a very attractive price here.


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