IT Consulting & MSSP Provider Leverages FileCloud’s File Management Platform for Extensive Customer Compliance Enablement


The Problem

CloudTrust is an IT consulting company and MSSP provider based in Florida and Colorado. It was set up to help companies contending with challenging data security and compliance issues during 2020. Since then, it has evolved to help companies prepare on-premises IT environments for compliance audits. Customers include healthcare companies, military entities, and educational institutions.

CloudTrust came across FileCloud when it was charged with helping a medical processing company to protect highly sensitive data, in a scenario where a leak would constitute a massive crisis.

Why FileCloud

The medical processing company held highly sensitive data that needed safeguarding while being distributed to over 60 global locations. The customer required guaranteed GDPR, HIPAA, and CMMC compliance. CloudTrust looked at building AWS workspaces but found this option too expensive for the budget available.

The CloudTrust team was drawn to FileCloud while researching their options because it fully fit all the customer's criteria. They deployed FileCloud for the customer on AWS Workspace, with the intention of eventually moving the FileCloud deployment away from that platform.

The Outcome

The flexibility provided by FileCloud was key for CloudTrust, as it allowed them to operate seamlessly in both Windows and Linux environments. CloudTrust engineers also saw a benefit in FileCloud's extensive experience of dealing with federal compliance customers, because many CloudTrust customers require SOC environments.

The medical processing company gladly invested in FileCloud, citing its cost-effectiveness over competing solutions and the transparency of FileCloud's pricing and licensing. In addition, CloudTrust has found FileCloud to be a superior CMMC solution to OneDrive on several fronts.

IT Consulting & MSSP Provider Leverages FileCloud’s File Management Platform for Extensive Customer Compliance Enablement


Rising to the Complex Challenges of Data Compliance

CloudTrust is an IT consulting company that helps companies reach their compliance objectives efficiently. Their customers handle highly confidential information, such as medical files, and must comply with laws such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CMMC. Options such as AWS Workspace are a natural choice for CloudTrust customers. However, this is expensive, with costs of up to $40,000 monthly per 1,000 users in perpetuity.

CloudTrust has found that logging is often a neglected aspect of compliance. Software providers regularly fail to provide adequate logging capabilities, which makes the auditing process difficult and complicated. Audit-readiness is an inherent aspect of compliance, which can cause problems for organizations. For example, AD logs are provided by AWS Workspace, but these do not meet NIST and SOC requirements.

FileCloud's Robust Compliance and Smooth Integration Capabilities

As part of its mission to ensure that compliance and cybersecurity become business enablers, CloudTrust was searching for a way to facilitate these needs seamlessly. When researching solutions, they realized that FileCloud could easily integrate with any IT infrastructure. It also had robust compliance capabilities and intuitive audit logs built into its solution.

CloudTrust has many federal customers requiring SOC environments. They have found that in many cases, a FileCloud installation can greatly enhance their services to these customers.

FileCloud is considered by CloudTrust as a superior CMMC solution to OneDrive, due to its ability to integrate with existing systems cost-effectively. Unlike with FileCloud, enterprises must build an infrastructure to support OneDrive, which also lacks FileCloud's intuitive auditing. In comparison, says CloudTrust CEO, "FileCloud ticks all the boxes, plus many more".

Outstanding Ease of Implementation and Superior Auditing

The CloudTrust team now uses FileCloud internally for secure file-sharing and collaboration, in addition to deploying it for customers. CloudTrust's CEO, Geoff Groves, has used many file-sharing solutions. In his view, FileCloud stands out not only for its integration and security capabilities, but also for the personable, quick responses of FileCloud Support to tickets.

FileCloud's ease of implementation is regarded by CloudTrust as outstanding. One CloudTrust customer is increasing its number of FileCloud licenses by up to 3,000. This is also because they trust FileCloud to help them to reach full CMMC compliance.

FileCloud's logs allow for seamless auditing, unlike many other tools. CloudTrust auditors can easily access any necessary information to conduct a quick but thorough review. Auditors often have a frustrating experience with logging tools. With FileCloud, all the necessary information is at their fingertips. According to CloudTrust, "Auditors just love FileCloud!"

"Our overall experience with FileCloud from day one was outstanding. Our relationship continues to grow, and we could not be more satisfied with what they have built and how they support us…just awesome."

- Geoff Groves, CEO, CloudTrust



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