File Sharing Solution for Working from Home

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The Fast, Hassle-Free VPN Alternative - FileCloud Remote File Server

Access Files From Anywhere

Securely access your enterprise data from anywhere using any device. No VPN, FTP required. Access files stored in on-premise file servers or Cloud.

Work Smarter With FileCloud

FileCloud lets you work from the comfort of your home. Make use of the Filecloud ecosystem to work smart and enhance the quality of your work. FileCloud comes with productivity tools that make it easier for you to work remotely.

Easy Project Collaboration

FileCloud provides a central collaborative workspace where you can work in realtime without delays and interruptions. Collaborate with different teams globally and increase the engagement and productivity of teams.

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File Sharing Solution for Working from Home

With new technology emerging, the work dynamics are changing across the globe. Never-before-heard terms such as digital nomads and freelancers making headlines in newspapers and magazines. The Cloud ecosystem lets you precisely harness the capabilities of cloud that lets you work remotely from your home. FileCloud is a cloud file-sharing system for working from home that lets you harness the full potential of the internet by providing resources for data storage on the cloud ecosystem.

Have you ever thought about working from home?

If the answer is yes, then FileCloud Community Edition can be your savior that can help you work from your home. In the recent Coronavirus outbreak, the businesses are globally letting their employees work remotely through the cloud system. Check out features that make FileCloud so unique in comparison to its competitors.

Check out the complete list of the feature on this link. Some of the features are highlighted below:

Remote file sharing: Share files remotely in realtime and save the files and collaborate on them in the cloud ecosystem. Share and transfer files easily and with great speed without lag and delay.

Branch office sync: Sync the branch offices across the globe with FileCloud’s data centers and share the information in realtime. The branch office sync can employ both hybrid systems as well as an online cloud system.

Centrally located: Centrally located data centers act as a repository of information and help in providing a centralized collaborative workspace where different teams can interact and work on projects.

Web user interface: FileCloud’s web user interface makes it easy to access stored data via web browsers. The productivity extensions can be added that further enhances the scope of operation of the cloud services.

Access from anywhere: Access files from your PC, laptop or mobile devices. The data is available 24×7 that can be accessed from any corner of the world where internet services are operational.

Security: FileCloud employs the latest security infrastructure comprising of encryption, authentication, antivirus, and ransomware protection. These steps ensure that complete data security is present so that data remains in safe hands.

Regulations and Compliances: FileCloud follows regulations and compliances that are globally acceptable. FileCloud follows mandatory global compliances such as EU-GDPR, HIPAA, FINRA, CCPA, and ITAR.

Learn How FileCloud Can Help You Work From Home:

FileCloud helps freelance business owners, consultants working from home, or anyone working from home harness the power of the cloud ecosystem. FileCloud gives you leverage and flexibility to work from anywhere.

  • FileCloud services can be accessed from anywhere across the globe with PC, laptop or mobile devices
  • FileCloud safeguards that user data that means business owners do not need to think about the safety issues
  • FileCloud can be accessed in real-time making it instantly available 24×7 to work.
  • Work and update files easily from anywhere, on the go. Try it for free Today

Anywhere Remote Access to Your File Server

Seamlessly and securely access your enterprise data without needing a VPN or FTP. Store your files in on-premise for maximized security and speed, or in Cloud servers for flexible access! 

Powerful File Sharing Features

Protect your data with public, private and password-protected file-sharing — complete with expiration dates, granular sub-folder level permissions, a built-in document preview and view-only sharing.

Mapped Drive Access

Our technology makes your remote FileCloud server files available as though they were stored on your local drive. The drive fetches remote files on-demand and doesn’t consume permanent offline storage, making it great for teams with space constraints and ideal for highly regulated industries (finance, healthcare) who don’t want unauthorized use and copies of enterprise files among users. 

File Security

Get maximum protection from email spoofing and ransomware attacks using FileCloud’s unlimited file versioning and branding capabilities. FileCloud security includes 256-bit AES SSL encryption at rest, two-factor authentication, anti-virus scanning, recycle bin and endpoint device protection.

Unlimited, Free Client Access

FileCloud offers free, unlimited client accounts for sharing confidential files with clients, vendors and the like. You’ll only ever pay for your employee accounts!

Maximize ROI

Leverage your existing on-premise IT infrastructures by running your own on-premise file sharing and sync solution. Businesses with critical or sensitive data can especially benefit from storing critical data in-house, as it minimizes data security threats.

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Filecloud's Community Edition Benefits

FileCloud Capabilities – What Can You Do With FileCloud?

  • FileCloud can be used on Windows Server.
  • FileCloud allows use of Windows network folders with NTFS permissions.
  • FileCloud integrates with Active Directory and users can keep using same Active Directory credentials.
  • FileCloud offers external file sharing capabilities to share files with vendors, partners and customers.
  • FileCloud offers strong metadata management capabilities to classify files using tags and custom metadata sets.
  • FileCloud provides powerful administration features for system admins (device dashboard, detailed audit log, reports and much more)
  • FileCloud offers security and permissions at folder/sub folder levels.
  • FileCloud offers virtual drive & selective sync capabilities.


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