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Why Choose FileCloud As Your Next EFSS Solution?

Self Hosted or Cloud

  • Self-host On-Premise
  • Host on the cloud
  • Hybrid storage including local storage (HDD, NAS/SAN)
  • Amazon S3, or openStack
  • Amazon AWS, AWS GovCloud or Microsoft Azure

Security Features

  • Modern encryption (AES 256-bit)
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Comprehensive audit trail and logging
  • Anti-virus and ransomware protection
  • End-point security
  • Single sign-on

Collaboration & Mobility

  • Powerful administration
  • Workflow automation
  • Smart notifications
  • Remote access to files
  • Mobile access to files
  • Mount files on a Windows network drive
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Every enterprise, new and old, small and large, requires dedicated storage and secure file sharing services. It has been a long time since storage only referred to physical hard drives and data centers. The modern businesses have adopted cloud storage almost unanimously for the storage of their infrastructural, operational, and consumer data.

With a drastic change in how the companies curate their data, it is time to review their data sharing strategies as well. The ideal file synchronization and sharing services for any business leveraging state-of-the-art storage should have the ability to run inside their native infrastructure. That not only enhances the security of a sharing service but also ensures that you have complete control over your data.

You should have the option of installing your file sync and sharing service on your server. One of the few services that offer 100% control of data to business while sharing files is Filecloud. Its unique features allow FileCloud to be hosted behind the corporate firewalls on-premise.

What features should you look for in an enterprise file sharing and synchronization solution?

  • They can sync all files in the cloud to all business devices, including user PCs and Macs, tablets, and registered mobile phones.
  • It should support the storage and sharing of various file formats with multiple file extensions.
  • The sync and sharing solution should support its integration with existing third-party tools via plug-ins and APIs.
  • It should employ user-authentication for providing access to stored files and folders.
  • The syncing and sharing solution should also grant protection to all transferred and stored files. It should employ anti-virus scans, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) measures, and encryption for enforcing protection.
  • The file transfer and sharing solution should come with auditing and reporting services on system actions and file activities.
  • It should have inherent file creation, editing in the browser, and direct document preview options for registered users.

FileCloud also provides data governance for automatic document lifecycle management, and retention policies to deliver control and compliance for the files and their folder groupings in the Cloud.

Integration With Existing File Servers

Our cloud server for small business is easy to integrate with existing file servers. FileCloud integrates easily with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or LDAP and much more. You can simply sync user groups and accounts from AD for super-fast access to data, keeping network latency to a minimum.

Reliable Data Backup

FileCloud offers you more than just data backup. You get the best data encryption and end-point backup for all your data, both at rest and in transit. Multi-factor authentication ensures there is no unauthorized access. Antivirus scanning, ransomware protection, and single sign-on add several layers of protection for your data.

Secure File Transfer

Create a secure link to share files or folders with any user. You can even edit files or upload new versions without having to change the original link.

Preview Files Without Downloading

When you share large files over a secured network, they can be immediately previewed on any device. This requires neither the registration nor the download of additional software for viewing.

Central Storage

Setup folders and share them immediately with ease. Control each user’s accessibility with seven different permissions, including View or Upload Only.

Work in Encrypted Team Folders

FileCloud’s secure sharing features  help you share business files and folders with your team and choose who can add, alter, or see the information.

Secure Share With Clients & Partners

Use download links to share business files and folders outside your company. Stay in control with password protection and download limits.

Work via FileCloud Drive

Access and share billions of files – directly on your desktop in an incredibly easy way with FileCloud’s own Drive app. This app requires very little hard disk space.

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What makes Filecloud one of the best enterprise file sharing solutions?

Finding the “one best” solution for file synchronization and sharing at an enterprise level is no easy feat. However, Filecloud is a name that recurs at the top of every shortlist that tech savvy entrepreneurs make for syncing and sharing solutions for their businesses.

Here are a few features that make Filecloud one of the best enterprise-level data and information sharing and synchronizing solutions –

Mobile support and real-time access

Filecloud can sync all files and folders across multiple smartphones and tablets that are registered by the enterprise. It provides the enterprise teams real-time access to the synchronized files and data.

Cross-platform compatibility and support

The Filecloud enterprise data and file sharing solution are perfect for teams that use heterogeneous devices. It is ready-to-use for smartphones, tablets, MacBooks, Macs, PCs, Blackberry, and Android devices. The devices you and your teams use will no longer be a barrier to smooth communication.

Advanced and secure sharing options

Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing solution from Filecloud will allow you and your team secured access to the content on-the-go. It supports private, temporary, and public file shares with granular control. It is perfect for enterprises of all sizes, irrespective of their type and location.

Seamless access and editing

Filecloud provides seamless and round-the-clock access to all the files your enterprise has uploaded and stored in the cloud server in a manner similar to all data stored in the local storage in Windows. The FileCloud drive allows online editing of the data just as a user would edit them on any Windows OSx.

Definition of aggregated or group permission

Filecloud also supports the sharing and access of all stored or uploaded files for constant offline access. Within Filecloud, you can set metadata permissions, private share permissions, NTFS permissions, and network folders. It makes setting and managing folder-level permissions easy and accurate. Filecloud allows the admin to define the level of access for an individual user or groups of users including editing, view, or upload only.

Encryption of folders

Filecloud allows the administrator to share the files and folders with registered teams or groups of Filecloud users. However, who can check, alter, edit, and save the changes in these files are defined by the administrator. You can reserve complete control over the access of the information on the company cloud.

Metadata management

Administrators can set and edit the information about the information (metadata) of files and folders within Filecloud. They can set attributes for easy identification or location of the data or particular file objects. Additionally, the Administrators can define the permissions for access to the same.

“We liked FileCloud’s pricing, comprehensive feature set (branding, encryption) and the responsive support”

FileCloud administration capabilities

Centralized Administration

The FileCloud admin dashboard provides a single-page view of the complete system, including storage quota, disk usage, license information, and system version. The dashboard also includes links to other pages for managing system operations in detail.

File Analytics and Reports

Use the Admin dashboard  to see the health of your FileCloud system in a quick snapshot including usage trends, peak usage, access by geographical location, charts to show storage usage, and content type. The Admin dashboard also provides statistics on the number of total users, how many full and guest users count toward your license, how many files you are managing, Network folder usage, how many files and folders are being shared, devices that connect to the FileCloud Server, and audit records.

Advanced User Management

FileCloud offers an array of advanced user management features to manage user devices, files, file shares, and endpoint security policies.

Customization & Branding

FileCloud provides an array of customization options to broadcast and popularize your organization’s brand.

Single and Multi-Tenant

Are you an MSP or a system administrator handling multiple branch offices? If so, don’t worry about spinning multiple FileCloud instances. FileCloud supports multi-tenancy and reduces the overhead of maintaining multiple instances for data and access abstraction.

Search and Audit Tools

FileCloud’s audit reports assist system administrators to understand usage and monitor user behavior in any size IT enterprise. The reports and filtering tools can be easily accessed via the centralized administrator dashboard.

Pattern Search & GDPR features

FileCloud is the first enterprise file sharing and sync platform to support GDPR across private, hybrid and public clouds!

Advanced Notifications

File locking, smart notifications (when changes are made to files), activity tracking, and commenting on files and folders enable collaboration and responsible data handling. This level of centralized control, in conjugation with the mobility features, leverages online file servers for all your business requirements.

"We tested about five other solutions like Team Drive, OwnCloud and LeitzCloud. In the End, FileCloud won that battle clearly"

Best File Sharing for Business

Small businesses need to be very agile when exchanging information with internal stakeholders, vendors, customers, and business partners. Traditionally, businesses use email to share documents. The problems with this include:

  • Large files take too long to upload and download
  • Maintaining one accurate version becomes difficult when multiple people work on a document
  • Recipients can easily lose the data, or share it with someone not authorized to see or edit the data
  • Attachments get lost, deleted, and corrupted

With a solution like FileCloud built for business file sharing, you can overcome these issues. How? By using FileCloud’s expertise with building solutions for businesses like yours. Based on your business requirements, you can define the levels of access for all your data, including who can view, edit, or comment on a file or folder. FileCloud can also help you eliminate lost data and file size limitation problems.

Link-Based File Sharing

What if you don’t  know which version of a file is the latest one? How can you attach it to share it with someone? What if you could just create a link to where the file is stored instead? Well, FileCloud lets you do this.

  • Share data with someone quicker and easier
  • Expire only the link to the file and not the file itself when you want to stop sharing to mitigate risks of data loss
  • Change the access rights of the recipient at a moment’s notice
  • Provide access to files with a single click and use that link in all your marketing communications, corporate messaging, etc. .

“Easy integration of FileCloud with our existing network drive structure was superb"


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